Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Black on Black: Boyfriend Charged in Death of 22-Year-Old "Transgender Woman" Found in Parking Lot


Anonymous said...

Blacks will have sex with--and then kill--all groups of people.There are no exceptions:men,women,wife,girlfriend,stranger,same race,other races,same sex,obese,anorexic,teeth or toothless,young and of course, old.
If Centaurs existed today--them too.
Rape,rob and murder--the most fun blacks can have is breaking into the house of an old,white,long married woman for an afternoon of rape and then murdering her white husband.
Blacks will gladly go to prison for 50 years for one of those heinous perfectas.
And now we start a new category with this story.

Anonymous said...

He thought SHE was an attractive woman but then found out SHE was a HE. His negro manhood was sullied. So he killed HER.