Saturday, August 31, 2019

Up to 30 People Have Reportedly Been Shot in Texas in Two Separate Locations in Midland and Odessa; Police Say There are Two Shooters in Two Vehicles Involved

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Aug 31, 2019 5:52 p.m.

Up to 30 people have reportedly been shot in Texas in two separate locations in Midland and Odessa. Police say there are two shooters in two vehicles involved. Manhunt is ongoing.

Will the Narrative ultimately say that only one shooter, an angry white male, was involved?

Will the shooter be shown as being 1, 2 or perhaps 3 degrees removed from an intelligence agency?

Will all video recordings of the shootings be magically erased after the nightly news?


Anonymous said...

Every network was delighted to mention that the shooter was "a white male."
Kind of a mantra for the day.

Anonymous said...

Is this shooting the same as the others--and what might it mean?
(ABCNEWS)Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has released a statement calling the incident a “senseless and cowardly attack” and promising “that we will not allow the Lone Star State to be overrun by hatred and violence."
GRA:It always strikes me as disingenuous when a politician makes any statement that includes the phrase,"we will not allow..."
Usually the phrase is followed by "...hateful talk,white supremacy thinking etc."
Firat of all,that's not possible to not allow...anything,so that's just a politician lying.
Secondly,in this case,the shooter had a rifle with him as he drove around.There was a traffic stop--it's conceivable he intentionally broke a law to get a cop to pull him over,though we wont know that for sure.Because of that doubt,of his state of mind and motive,this incident may not be a pre-meditated event.
They'll go through his stuff(computer,phone)for clues.But instead of white supremacy being the easy tag for yesterday,it may have been anti-government/law enforcement that triggered this killer--or he was just pis*ed off about where Texas and the country is headed.
There will be many more people--angry people--lashing out at what seems a deteriorating future of (white)America.I've said it before--simplistically calling something like this "hateful"--fails to face the real problem that's staring right at our country--do whites have a voice anymore--or the means--to change the trajectory of where America(and whites) will be in 20,30 or 50 years.It's not hateful to care about your and your family's future.If that was the case,you'd have to call anyone who participated in the Revolutionary War,"hateful",as well.Maybe if the English had called American Patriots such names,we would have changed our minds about breaking free from England--though I doubt it lol.
"That George Washington is such a hateful man,and Jefferson is an England hater.We won't allow that."
If enough people get on board the cause of "white survival",Abbott and others-- will be forced to "allow that."
--GR Anonymous