Friday, August 30, 2019

A Dignified, Gradualist Approach to Genocide

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Volume 29, Number 4 (Summer 2019)
Issue theme: "Whatever Happened to Assimilation? - America's Uncertain Future"

Reconciling the West to Extinction
By Martin Witkerk

Book Review:
Populism, Immigration, and the
Future of White Majorities
Eric Kaufmann
Abrams Press, 2019
618 pp., $35.00 hardcover

This is a book about the future of white majorities in Western nations, written by someone whose biography reads like a send-up of multiculturalism: born in Hong Kong to a Jewish father and mixed Costa Rican/Chinese mother, raised in Vancouver, he spent eight years in Tokyo before becoming professor of politics at the University of London. Prof. Kaufmann is not hostile to whites, but his prescriptions are unlikely to satisfy anyone who truly values Western civilization.

This reviewer’s suspicions were aroused from the book’s second paragraph: “Whites can no more hold back demography than King Canute could command the tides.” Apparently, America’s Hart-Celler Act, which did away with national origins quotas, did not result from the free actions of Sen. Philip Hart and Rep. Emanuel Celler; rather, it just sort of rolled onto America’s shores like the incoming tide one day in 1965….

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Anonymous said...

"Can no more hold back demography..."
If we're going to be laissez-faire about it --no.

Anonymous said...

War can settle unresolved and impossible issues such as demographic change.