Thursday, January 29, 2015

There are No Islamic No-Go Zones!—Excepting Maybe the One Where Moslems Slaughtered 49 Policemen Who Dared to Enter

By Nicholas Stix

At D.C. Clothes Line.


Anonymous said...

This is a world wide campaign now on the part of the far left. NO GO zones don't exist. Areas where the Muslim is in control. So they say.

That whole idea is from the French who kept record keeping of such areas until recently. 1,000 such zones in France when the record keeping stopped.

Areas where the French police can only enter as a group and then in half of the areas the police KNOW they will receive resistance of some sort, from rock and bottle throwing to gunfire.

Also this campaign of the left an excellent example of the big lie of which Goebbels would be proud. Repeat a lie over and over and eventually it becomes accepted as truth. And the bigger the lie the easier it is to be accepted.

Anonymous said...

These no go zones contrary to what the far left and the media tells you exist all over Europe now. England, France, Sweden. France is perhaps an extreme example but at least indicative of clear and obvious trend.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago. I'm used to no go zones.