Friday, January 30, 2015

Texas: Justice, as Black Mass/Serial Murderer/Rapist is Executed, but It’s 19 Years Too Late for His Last White Victim


War crime victim Vicki Ann Garner (Courtesy Teresa Wooten)

By A Texas Reader

At the Dallas Morning News.


War criminal Robert Ladd


Anonymous said...

Funny how we're always told IQ doesn't mean anything relating to blacks.

Until this kind of situation comes up. Suddenly the low IQ becomes all important.

And just why was this character on the loose after killing three people? I suppose he was serving a "life" sentence when paroled.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Blacks and serial killing..the link is kept secret, but it is far more common than people realize. At one time I didn't believe in the death penalty. I thought it had no place in a civilized society. I certainly believe in it now.These monsters need to be removed from society by any means possible.

Anonymous said...

"And just why was this character on the loose after killing three people?"

After the first trial, the next 2 judges, cops and prosecutors wouldn't have an excuse to have a job.

Anonymous said...

Since his first murder involved the death of two small children that normally would mandate the death penalty for for some reason the man was released.

Anonymous said...

Removal from society too means almost merely placed in prison. Lots of crime in prison.

How further to punish an inmate already serving life when that inmate murders another con or a member of staff?

Stan D Mute said...

@Anon - the trouble is the death penalty only affects them after they've been caught killing. Only half the murders are ever solved. And much fewer than half of those caught will ever be given the death penalty with even fewer actually executed.

A more practical approach is sterilization. Make welfare benefits contingent on surrender of reproductive ability. That will eliminate half the murders before they happen.

Anonymous said...

It's the same thing as race in general. We're told it doesn't exist, or if does, it's a meaningless social construct created by our (whites') bigotry and narrow-mindedness. And then the instant someone sees the opportunity to use race as a lever to power or money, race suddenly becomes not only real, but the key determinant of identity.

Anonymous said...

What society? We no longer have a society. What we have is a loose confederation of mutually hostile ethnic meta-clans whose sole commonality is the viciousness with which they sink their fangs into the throats of passive and approving whites.

Anonymous said...

Of course this and numerous other cases of black serial killers will have zero effect on blacks' knee-jerk reaction to blacks being critized for anything of claiming that only whites are serial killers and pedofiles.