Monday, January 26, 2015

Jon Voight Poses the Question (Poster)


Anonymous said...

The civil war that he has started in essence is sort of like biting the hand that feeds you. Although whites elected him and he has all the power, he remains unsatisfied. He like Oprah want revenge.

Anonymous said...

Obama will try to start a race war between blacks and Whites so he can declare martial law, cancel the presidential election, and order the mass killings of Whites, all of us, adults, male and females, and our children, grandchildren, and he will destroy White cities and neighborhoods. The take over of Haiti by blacks will look like a picnic compared to what the faux president has in store for Whites here in the so called United States. The race war has long been going on by blacks killing Whites on a massive scale. The traitorous media hides this genocide against Whites. Barry Soetero will order drone strikes and his compliant military to attack Whites.

Anonymous said...

He like Oprah want revenge.

Revenge for what? That they aren't White?