Friday, January 30, 2015

Prisoners in Their Own Land (Poster)


Anonymous said...

Between black crime, muslims, smelly obsequious immigrants from India, I'm about to scream!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed lately that Mexicans are getting very aggressive about forcing their language on you. I've had several experiences now of going into American shops and gas stations that have Mexican employees, and have them immediately start speaking to me in loud, rapid-fire Spanish with no attempt to use English or see if I am understanding them. And this is in an area of the US that has never had any significant Mexican presence until very recently. Twice I had questions about things, and instead of trying to speak English, they got other Anglo customers to translate for us. It was odd to see the other white people in the store going right along with it and obviously feeling quite enthused about their Spanish skills that, ya know, you just can't get by without any more in this progressive and fast-moving globalized new age of ours (I've never understood how cultures and religions that remain perennially stuck decades or centuries behind ours have somehow become the imprimatur of all that is new and hip and modern, but that's a thought for another day). More than odd, it was saddening and infuriating to see this passive and probably subconscious surrender of my fellow countrymen to the new order. There wasn't an ounce of suggestion in anyone's attitude that maybe the cashier should be speaking English (oh no, that would racist, or at least give the impression of one's being a stodgy narrow-minded old redneck), the vibe was all about fitting right in with the cool new thing and not seeming rude or unappreciative to the guy speaking a foreign language at me in what used to be my country.

I'm pretty sure that this is a deliberate tactic dreamed up by some Lefty to "empower" the illegal aliens and better accustomize us to our own disenfranchisment. I've encountered it several times now, and just wonder if anyone else living in an area that never had any real Mexican presence before now has experienced it too.

Anonymous said...

Just what in the hell has happened to America?I think most decadence began in the 60s. The idea that anything goes allowed for morals and standards to go with it. The civil rights act doomed once safe neighborhoods by changing them to negrohoods.Forced integration benefited the negro while demonizing and holding whites hostage to PC. Immigration brought third world freeloaders by the millions. America needs to change its name. It is no longer the country we once knew.