Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Ending in Muskogee, Oklahoma: Black Unsuccessfully Tries to Murder White Cop; Officer’s Body Cam Shows Everything

By Nicholas Stix

Tips ‘o the hate to The Freedom Fighter’s Journal and Buzzfeed.

These body cams, which were demanded by black supremacists after Mike Brown’s failed murder attempt on Officer Darren Wilson, are turning out to be the best thing for white cops.

They will have no effect, however, on blacks, since the demand was just a talking point, in the campaign to railroad Officer Wilson. Blacks keep on demanding one technological improvement after another, but when whites accede to their demands, they just deny the evidence of their senses. There’s really no point in giving in to their exorbitant demands in the first place.

Note that as soon as the white officer shoots the black would-be cop-killer, a black man of about 35-45 years old appears, weepily begging that the cop let him “check on” the down suspect.

Note that the down perp, Terrence Walker, had just been threatening to kill a woman, but that’s not the concern of Mr. Weepy. He knows he can’t go over and “check on” the perp. At the very least, he is seeking to contaminate a crime scene, by throwing away the perp’s weapon, so he can lie and say the white cop shot “an unarmed black youth.” At the most, he wants to grab the gun, and finish what Terrence Walker started.

Meanwhile, the cop has to keep calling this asshole, “sir.” The worse blacks get, the more polite whites are forced to be to them. That’s manners under Jim Snow.

Soon, we will hear of federal civil rights investigations and lawsuits by the surviving members of the criminal association that Terrence Walker called a “family.”

RAW VIDEO: Muskogee officer-involved shooting

Published on Jan 23, 2015 by FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth

Muskogee, Oklahoma - January 17, 2015

Police are called to a wedding because a man, Terrence Walker, originally from the Houston area, had allegedly threatened to kill a woman. The arriving officer is tense not knowing what he would encounter or what to expect

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