Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Have You Had the “The Conversation” Yet About the NFL?

By Stan D Mute

[In response to:

“Racist Seahawks Pre-Schooler Richard Sherman Goes Out of His Way to Insult White Reporter (Video)”]

The thing to keep in mind is that every white man who watches football or basketball is himself personally putting money into the pockets of negro criminals and their white apologists/cheerleaders.

The "but I like football" crap is bogus. I like cocaine, but I know how harmful the substance is not only to myself but to our society overall. Just quit it. Spend the time reading. Spend the time watching old westerns. Spend the time with your kids. Spend the time scratching yourself, if you prefer. Just STOP supporting negro thug millionaires and the media. Starve them out. If you don't, then stop the hypocrisy and become a full-fledged negro fanboy, cheering for illiterates who make more in a year than you'll make in a lifetime.

Trust me, quitting is easy. It's harder convincing friends and family to quit with you, but the conversation needs to occur. Turn off your TV next Sunday and discuss negro crime for four hours instead.

N.S.: I wish it were so easy. I grew up playing (badly) baseball, football, and basketball, and constantly watching them. It is simply not normal for a red-blooded American boy to grow up and swear off pro sports.

However, I watch less and less, and race is part of the reason, the entire reason, where the NBA is concerned. I haven’t watched an NBA game in years, because of black supremacism. (On rare occasion, I’ll watch college or NBA highlights during TV news, but I rarely watch those broadcasts, either.)

During the mid-1980s, after being away for almost 10 years, I noticed that black NBA players were flagrantly violating basic rules, like traveling and palming. Then during the late 1990s, they began flagrantly assaulting and bettering white head coaches.

I still watch Jet losses, but at the rate at which pro football players are openly displaying their black supremacism, the NFL will be next.

With baseball, the problem is reconquista, which is another story for another time.

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Anonymous said...

Traveling and palming the ball in basketball have become the norm as those showboat moves executed by the negro player that all the fans like to see cannot be done otherwise.

Anonymous said...

One team of negroes chase another team of negroes up and down a court or a field after a ball. NOT my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

NFL after scoring a touchdown a spiking the ball and then doing a sexual dance to celebrate.

Nicholas said...

[N.S. I am re-posting this comment here, as I believe the reader in question accidentally posted it at a different item.]

Anonymous said...

One of the fifty things Mike Royko hated most was when the seven foot tall basketball player dunked the basketball and then hangs simian like from the rim afterwards.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 6:36:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...

No one in pro level "sports" is not on PEDs.

Read it and weep sports fans:

fan= fanatic

Watching thuggish Negros play with balls for millions of dollars is not a sport. Put the remote down and go for a walk, go pork your wife or girlfriend, go swimming, do something.

Sitting on a couch stuffing your face with junk food and washing it down with cheap beer has made America into a nation of zombies.

What's with grown men hootin' it up watching grown black men in tights play children's games????

Stan D Mute said...


I too grew up playing and watching football, baseball, and basketball. I was a big kid so wound up in football and (forced into) basketball for HS. My overwhelming anti-authority streak ended my playing. I was big and fast enough to play college on scholarship, but chose a different route (and it would have ended with me telling coach to f- off anyway).

My point is that it's a simple habit, watching the games. And once you really THINK about what and whom you are watching, and think about how YOU are directly supporting them, quitting is pretty easy. By far the hardest part is when you're with your pals and they start up with discussion of sports. You can either keep your mouth shut, steer the conversation elsewhere, or confront them on inviting negro thugs into their homes via TV.

But the bottom line is that there is no valid excuse for anyone who is a race realist to allow negroes into his home for any reason. That they're "only on TV" is lamest of all excuses because we all know TV is a giant propaganda box for the living room. It takes conscious effort to keep the negro propaganda out of your home, but it's an effort well worth your energy.

jeigheff said...

When I was younger, I was embarrassed that I didn't care about pro sports. I felt like a weirdo. And it isn't because I don't admire athletes or don't care about my own physical fitness. But rooting for some team playing on television has never excited me. My dad and brother are the complete opposite.

I never would have guessed that being indifferent to sports would be considered a blessing.

Anonymous said...

NBA: Negro Basketball Association

NFL: Negro Football League.

No thanks to both of them.

I think I will watch curling.

It's played on ice by Ice People. - A Texas Reader

Anonymous said...

Seriously, grown adult men worshipping negro ball players is just sick. I see them all the time. They wear the stupid jersey. They talk constantly about some team or some player or other nonsense.

I despise those guys. They're morons. They need to go out and engage in some sport or physical activity and get off the couch and get their fat fingers out of the chips and dip and beer. The are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

^this. 100%

Anonymous said...

Today in Chicago is the funeral for Mr Cub, Ernie Banks. Politicians will speak at his funeral. There will be a procession afterwards that will travel to Wrigley Field. The way the media swoons over this good negro you would think it was the funeral of Mother Theresa.