Monday, January 26, 2015

Breaking News: 7,000 Flights Cancelled at Northeast Airports Between Today and Tomorrow; 50 Million People in Path of Blizzard; All NYC Roads Shut Down Tonight at 11 P.M. to All but Emergency Vehicles…



By Nicholas Stix

All public transit--buses, subways, and commuter trains--is to be shut down tonight at 11 p.m. Stranded NYC travelers are warned to “shelter in place.” (Without rescue workers, that will mean many deaths, due to exposure.)

No word on when New York City public transit will resume operations. This is only the second time ever that NYC transit has been completely shut down. The first time was for Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

And it’s all due to global warming!

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Anonymous said...

They shut down the parks at 6pm. Why? Has this ever been done before? So now parents can't take their kids sledding? Are they stationing cops to keep people out of the parks?