Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Judge Exposes Yet Another DOJ Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and Violate a Citizen's Civil Rights in a Federal Case!

By Nicholas Stix

At One Old Vet.

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Anonymous said...

There is an interesting new law suit case in Chicago. It involves a woman mugged outside her condo.The woman returns home around11:30pm to her west loop condo, when a black man grabs her from behind.He punched her in her face and dragged her to an alley.He attempted to rape her.After beating her he ran off with her purse. The woman then went into the lobby of her condo. The suit alleges the security guard was not at the front desk. She could not find a phone to call police. The guard eventually returned and called police. The woman claims that her injuries required medical treatment as a result of the security guards negligence. Management, the condo association, had a security guard, secured entry way and surveillance cameras at the building.The woman asserts she should have been protected. The offender was arrested. The woman is suing the condo association, the security company, management services, the security guard and even the attacker.The article is West Loop condo association, security company face suit over residents attack in alley.