Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Congressional Black Supremacists Sheila Jackson Lee and John Lewis Continue Promoting NAACP Bombing Hoax


Serial race hoaxer Sheila Jackson Lee promoting the Trayvon Martin Hoax in Congress

Serial race hoaxer John Lewis in 2013

By Nicholas Stix

John Lewis: “Just reminds me of another period in our history.”

“Referencing the numerous Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare over the last several years, Lewis said: ‘Just reminds me of another period in our history. Not so long ago during the 50s, many Southern senators signed a Southern Manifesto after the Supreme Court decision of 1954.’”

October 29, 2013

Lewis, in support of the NAACP Hoax: “It reminds me of another period. These stories cannot be swept under the rug.”

January 6 or 7, 2015

In March 2010, Georgia Cong. John Lewis (ZANU-PF) engineered a race hoax, in collaboration with Indiana Rep. Andre Carson (ZANU-PF) and Newsday “reporter” William Douglas, asserting that a crowd of Tea Party activists called the congressmen “nigger” and that one member of the crowd spat on Cong. Carson.

The three men are all racist blacks.

I saw a video of the two congressmen walking through the crowd, and no incident of any sort occurred, and the congressmen did not react to anything.

Crowd members denied seeing anything, either. The hoaxers may respond that the crowd members covered for each other, and that’s certainly the way blacks act, but whites aren’t like that.

At the time, Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could provide proof that the “racist incidents” had occurred. No one ever came forward, for claim the reward.

Leftists, including alleged reporters, always tell us that Lewis is “a civil rights legend,” as if that gave him an unchallengeable moral authority, such that we have to accept every wild charge he makes without asking for proof. Beyond the dubious issue of whether we should grant anyone such moral authority, when I hear that someone is “a civil rights legend,” I reach for my pistol with one hand, and for my wallet with the other. The so-called “civil rights movement,” as Thurgood Marshall would later brag, was nothing but black supremacism on horseback.

As far as I can see, the entire basis for John Lewis’s moral authority is that he got beat up a couple of times while marching for black supremacism. I’ve probably been beaten 100 times as often as he was, and he was beaten for spearheading racist supremacism, hardly a noble goal. Thus, Lewis was always evil, and his support for the NAACP race hoax is simply a continuation of a lifetime of vicious, racist political agitation.

“The ‘NAACP Bombing’ … or the Barbershop Bang?’” (VDARE)


Anonymous said...

Of course, all the black politicians, all the self appointed spokesmen and spokeswomen for blacks, like Sharpton and Oprah, will conveniently over look the fact the Communist Soros bank-rolled the violence and turmoil in Ferguson and across the country.

It's suspicious to me that Oprah's "Selma" came out just at the perfect time as "blacklivesmatter". It takes awhile to make a movie. The movie was being produced and put together about 10 months before the incident in Ferguson. "Selma" comes out just at the perfect time to coincide with Fergson "blacklivesmatter" protests across the country.

It's as if it's all planned : And it is all planned, that's for sure. The incident in Ferguson between Brown and Wilson wasn't planned, but still it was all planned, including Oprah's "Selma". It's easy for the Communists to take an incident between a cop and a black criminal and blow it out of all proportion. Incidents with black street criminals happen every day in America. AND it's NOT the cops doing the provoking.

This whole "blacklivesmatter" was planned quite awhile go. It's NOT spontaneous. They waited, "they" meaning the Communists in Chicago and Washington, for Oprah's movie to wrap-up, then found an incident, the incident happened to take place in Ferguson between a police officer and a "precious" "innocent" negro, and the Commies now got their "narrative". It was all planned last year, this whole "blacklivesmatter". They had to wait for Oprah's movie to be ready to go. The incident between Brown and Wilson just perfect for the "narrative". And just the right time, what perfect timing.

We find out now Soros was behind the Ferguson violence and the violence across the country, but Oprah and Sharpton and Obama and Holder all knew last year that there was going to be an "incident" and all of them knew that there were going to be "blacklivesmatter" protests across the country, and all knew Soros was behind it and bank-rolling it, and they all knew about it last year. Last year when this was all planned.

Legally, Soros could be charged for treason and fomenting violence and riots. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone in Washington has the balls to throw him in prison. The Communists in Washington certainly love Soros, so they're not going to do it. The NON Communists in Washington don't have the balls to do it. Soros will remain free. This is tragic. It really is.

Oprah too is hooked-up very tight with the Chicago Communist crowd. That's why she's a media mogul. Otherwise, she is really of average intelligence, and otherwise she would just be another ordinary person. Nothing extraordinary about her. Just another Commie from Chicago. But she's smart alright. She knows who butters her bread, that's for sure.

The joke is she wants all of us to love her black race, yet she herself wants as little to do with black men as possible. If you notice, most of her talk about black liberation revolves around black females, all her charity goes to black women, and black women ONLY.

The NAACP bombing hoax is not the only hoax. The whole "blacklivesmatter" phenomenon is a hoax, and it was all planned last year. And Oprah's "Selma" is part-and-parcel of the hoax. She knew Soros and other Communists were planning this last year, for Oprah also was on the planning committee, that's for sure.

From : Salvatore

Chicago guy said...

It seems that all blacks in public life, whether politicians, actors, writers, etc, are totally self-absorbed and obsessed with race. It's always about themselves, 24 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Guy: All blacks are self-absorbed all the time, not just those in public life. I grew up around them, and attended school with them. I know. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat