Monday, January 26, 2015

Does Jon Gruden Have Doubts About Marcus Mariota’s Viability as an NFL QB?

By Nicholas Stix

“Gruden does an annual ‘quarterback camp’ on ESPN with key members of every year's quarterback draft class, and Mariota will be one of the quarterbacks this year. Gruden was asked if he would give up ‘a couple of first-round picks’ in an attempt to move up and draft Mariota. The Eagles own the 20th pick in the first round.

“‘Too early for me to say that,’ Gruden answered. ‘I've got to sit down and really study him.’”

It would have been easy for “Chucky” to just have said, “Sure.” I’m sure he’s already studied Mariota to death. I don’t he’s as high on Mariota as the herd.


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