Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Racial Subtext of #DeflateGate

By Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

At first I wondered why the sportswriters were so insanely hostile and jumping to wild conclusions about DeflateGate. They were acting as if DeflateGate were the equivalent to mass murder.

Then it occurred to me that after an entire season of Blacks Behaving Very Badly in the NFL, that the writers were relieved to be able to dump on two high-achieving White men like Brady and Belichick.

I'm sure someone has noticed this too, but I have yet to read about it.


Anonymous said...

Man bites dog incident. Continuous stories of black athletes behaving badly are a dime a dozen.

Stan D Mute said...

Someone? Like our friend Mr Sailer? It's up his alley I'd think.

Glaivester said...

I thought the subtext was that they wanted to prove that there were players who were touching the balls, rubbing the balls, licking the balls - other than Michael Samms.

Chicago guy said...

It's a more cerebral type of who did what where situation for people to discuss endlessly. The blacks behaving badly stories are the usual depressing litany of rape accusations, drug use, fights with cops, etc. It's a good diversion. It's all just a big business anyway from top to bottom. Sports reporters are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain and are usually looking to work their way up to more exposure and better paydays. Sports writers, reporters, television talking heads, there's a large number of people who make a living just from talking or writing about athletes, a totally inane occupation.