Friday, January 23, 2015

Obama Has Time to Talk to One of These People; Which One Will It be?


Stan D Mute said...

Maybe this will cause more Jews to wake up and realize that neither the negro nor the Left is any friend to them.

Then again, probably not. Just as they cannot bring themselves to call for expulsion of Muslims from the West, they cannot say a word about negro behavior or Leftist backstabbing. Ajewamongyou has a blog post on the subject of Muslim invasion and I think shares my pessimism.

Whatever the mental defect that causes leftism, Jews on average seem to have it worse than other whites (except perhaps WASPs). Anyone who can "forgive" a savage who brutally rapes and/or murders his loved ones is beyond hope for a cure. Somebody on Unz recently posited that the "forgiveness" is the leftists' only means of reconciling his belief system with the cognitive dissonance caused by victimization from one of the saintly negroes or Muslims. And if that's true, that they're so wedded to a perverse upside-down worldview that not even a severe beating or loss of a child can jar them back to reality, then there just isn't any hope for them at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I do not know what it exactly takes to wake up from liberalism. I was once a liberal. Many of my professors in college were Jewish liberals. We are constantly bombarded with all things liberal. One is often shamed by family, friends and coworkers to not think otherwise. One can remain a silent observer in order to keep the peace or not lose a job.My liberalism gradually eroded with having to move out of once nice neighborhoods. I was mugged, had my place broken into, a real nightmare. I had to work with the surly malcontents. I got the message, but it took its toll.

Chris Mallory said...

One of them is an American citizen and Obama's employer and the other is the leader of an alien nation on the other side of the world. An American president should always meet with an American citizen over a foreign leader.
Nothing in Israel is any business or responsibility of the American president.

Anonymous said...

Certainly it is important to meet with a world leader. Jewish people are rational and pragmatic. They are surrounded by radical extremists bent on violence, destruction and death to infidels. We should also be concerned that in 2013 aid to Israel jumped to 11 million a day. America is broke. We cannot afford this cost.Also Israelis donate little to the international community. It is a mixed bag. Obama doesn't want to have a meeting because it would go against his Muslim religion.