Monday, December 26, 2022

raceless looters in buffalo: watch and enjoy

By A.L. and R.C.
mon, dec 26, 2022 10:54 p.m.

Watch and enjoy

Taking advantage of a bad situation surely is a very low form of human behavior to which they are masters beyond equal or peer even

at least the cops were grabbing some of them. the one of them had a big box, had chicken wings in her car. the other colored again the big laugh out of the whole situation. the others were also looting Aaron's of tvs they were after, probably wide-screen plasma. They know what to rob; they are connoisseurs.


Anonymous said...


(ZH)A winter storm barreled through Buffalo, New York, over the weekend and ended Christmas morning, but the emergency was far from over, as claims across social media indicate widespread looting.

"Looting in Buffalo being significantly downplayed by local media," said one Twitter user. Local media outlet WGRZ reported, "New York State Police confirm reports of 2 looting incidents." But judging by the footage posted on Twitter, looting appears to be widespread.

GRA:To summarize,Fambilee Dollar and local bars were broken into--among other businesses--windows smashed in.

At one bar,the owner,remarking on the quality of the booze stolen,said,"they(black thugs) have cheap and poor taste."

Any time is the right time for blacks to commit crime.


MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2022 AT 11:05:00 AM EST
Anonymous said...

GRA:No,people protecting their property from negro reparationists.
("Dis ain't robbery--it's reparations!")

(atlas news)However, in the last 30 minutes, social media users have claimed that vigilantes have been firing on looters. In multiple Facebook posts, users reported that “women are trying to rob the Arabian weave store, and they are getting shot at…”

Another woman claimed that “white boys dressed in… big hats…” were aiming guns at looters and firing at her.

The only reported location of these shootings was Walden Avenue in Buffalo. However, emergency services have not been dispatched to the area for gunshot wound victims. It appears that, as of this post, looting is ongoing at several stores in Buffalo.


MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2022 AT 11:22:00 AM EST

Anonymous said...

Then again...maybe it's all about kwanzaa!

Google asked:What IS kwanzaa?

"kwanzaa is an annual week-long celebration honoring black history and culture. The holiday celebrates seven values in african culture: unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith."
(laugh track here)

GRA:First of all,isn't "black history month" enough?And mlk day and Juneteenth plus assorted other b.s.days and weeks allotted to blacks?
Second:Aren't the seven values of black culture actually:Lying,killing,lying about killing,rape,laziness,kneejerk violence and leeching off of others?

Those are the seven MAIN values.There's also arson,torching someone to death,thievery,panhandling,assault and battery,fraud of government funds and stupidity.

Celebrate THAT--I dare you.


Anonymous said...

"Another woman claimed that 'white boys dressed in… big hats…' were aiming guns at looters and firing at her."

probably Arabs or Paki shooting at the negroes no other persons other than Arabs Paki Chinese or Korean will be stupid enough to open a store in a negro area

Anonymous said...

Leon just don't bring home a wide screen TV make sure it is a wide screen plasma TV

and by God Leon does bring home a plasma white screen

Anonymous said...

The normal SOP for robbing a liquor store is first you go after the expense of spirits then you go after the cheaper spirits then you go after expensive wine and beer and then to cheap wine and beer there is a methodology involved and they surely know what it is

Anonymous said...

In some circles Internet website zero hedge is considered to be far right wing if you believe they’re telling the truth about a situation like showing videos online as far right wing and zero hedge is far right wing so much the better for it too

Anonymous said...

In the minds of some people any publication that is to the right of the Atlantic is far right wing