Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The usual suspects, even in england, even there

By A.L.
tue, dec 27, 2022 8:01 p.m.

The usual suspects even in england even there


the day after Christmas is called boxing day in england. These two women took it literally, it seems, and when they fight they really do fight to hurt the other person.


Anonymous said...

All that's missing is Howard Cosell at ringside for "A-B-C Sports."

"We're here in England--the home of Henry "the Bleeder" Cooper,and on this surprisingly precipitation free day,we're covering a non-title bout be-tween two competitive--some might say,mentally deranged black women.

"On your left, at 5'7" and 175 lbs,hailing from London,England--Fellatio Jones."

"And on your right,weighing in at 150 lbs,standing 5'5","The African Banshee"--from London,England--Whoopie Jackson."

"The referee is the store security guard...and (DING) there's the bell.Jones comes out and throws some merchandise at Jackson,missing badly.Jackson counters with an overhand right-- her hand holding a rather heavy looking ceramic animal--but also failing to connect.Jones looking tired at this point.And look AT THIS!

"The security guard is stepping in to call the fight due to damage being done by the oversized gluteous maximus's of each combatant,knocking over expensive glassware onto the floor.

"That's it--IT'S OVER.A disappointing conclusion to what we had hoped would bring back memories of Ali and Cooper,in 1966.I had to hold an umbrella over my head to keep the Englishman's blood off of my cranium during that bout of pugilism.I remember it well.

"Nothing that memorable today.

"Stay tuned for the World Arson Championships from Detroit,Michigan.I'm Howard Cosell reporting --here on A-b-C--the All black Content network.


Anonymous said...

Certain races and different species of mankind just have very bad behaviors those people do like to fight and when they do fight they do fight to hurt the other person in overwatch some sort of triviality or something which can be easily remedied but they will not allow it to become so rather to fight

Anonymous said...

My mother used to ride the bus to a Negro area going to and from work she witnessed Negroes fighting on a number of occasions and said those people really do try to hurt one another and yes they do