Saturday, December 24, 2022

Enoch Powell

By "W"
fri, dec 23, 2022 2:47 p.m.

Enoch Powell


Anonymous said...

Enoch was right and we should all recognize him as being so not so much will be shitholes are already shitholes and will only become more of shitholes

Anonymous said...

NOW,they name their boys,Eunoch Powell.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When I heard about this 27 yr. old woman being found murdered here in PDX, I hade a hunch it was either a negro or Mex perp. Turns out it was the latter. Jose Antonio Caraballo, 43 was arrested in southern Oregon on a warrant for 2nd degree domestic violence (murder). Pretty girl, and she was attracted to that? Never ceases to amaze how many young females, at an age when they have all the choices in the world, go for violent, low quality non White males I dunno how sorry I feel for her, she made her choices, she died with it:
Couldn't find any info on his immigration status, not that it really matters, legal or not, he shouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

the strange case of prudence Hockley from some years ago prudence had a negro boyfriend [ call her partner] who was very jealous unfortunately one day prudence was beaten to death prudence was 55 years old and you would think that she would have known better but she did not the negro charmer for some reason just seems to reach out to the white women of whatever age the white women fall for their spiel too bad

howdy partner

Anonymous said...


Not only at Christmas--but throughout the year we just had--blacks are the bearers of presents--99% of them bad.
--Andy Rooney 2022

Hello,I'm Andy Rooney( or at least the reincarnated version of him)still on a farm somewhere in Kansas,and writing a third annual Christmas essay on whatever's on my mind.I've been on this farm--with a few other famous reincarnated people(Edward R Murrow among them)since 2013.

Today,a couple quick opinions,and I have to start off with something that's been ruffling my feathers lately(I AM a chicken,you know).It's the latest catchphrase by the communist democrats:

"History is being made."

I hear it all the time.

"History was made today when..."

What the hell is that even supposed to mean?History is made EVERY DAY--all around the world!

All I know is,the commies and their cohorts--the media--utter it constantly--and there's a reason WHY they say it,WHEN they say it.

"The first black to lead a party in the House of Representatives."
"The first time two blacks have run for a Senate seat."
"The first woman in Michigan to chair a certain committee."
"The first black,female Supreme Court justice."
The first this and the first that--in all it's blowharded tedium.

The news station I watch out of Grand Rapids(via the internet)--without exception--prefaces stories like those with,"history was made today," as if saying those four words--by themselves--makes the announcement a good thing for our country.

Which,of course--it isn't.

Not all history is good--we know that. In fact,a lot of it is downright evil,but the commies have decided EVERYTHING they do is historic and positive--while I,on the other hand,see every one of those examples as nails in the coffin of our once great country.Their motivation,is in convincing the public that gay sex is normal, blacks should be running cities(and our country)with "black law" and straight,White men need to disappear.

Its their "stamp of approval"--in otherwords--and they expect you to approve of these societal changes too.The problem is,if you don't agree,you just might lose your job--or worse.

The second opinion is much simpler:

I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a better New Year in 2023, than 2022 was.

Nicholas is a wonderful writer and a stalwart in regards to fighting the ongoing White replacement and future genocide,while highlighting the truth about black,mexican and muslim criminal behavior.

I look forward to another year of reading the news from all the contributors on NSU/WEJB--where the news IS the news.

I'm Andy Rooney.


Anonymous said...

If 70% of the crime in this country is committed by blacks I would expect 70% of the people in the penitentiaries to be black - Andy Rooney hard to disagree with that type of reasoning