Friday, December 23, 2022

black corruption and incompetence means more dirty water, and Whites must pay billions to "fix" it

By A Texas Reader
fri, dec 23, 2022 9:59 p.m.

$600M designated for struggling water system in mississippi

"It's the blecks," said the South African.

They cannot manage a goddamn lemonade stand.


Anonymous said...

Dirty water's the least of her worries,I would think.


Anonymous said...

Much like Flint MI just institutional failure people just got up to task of doing the job right brought into no show jobs and incapable of doing the job even if they do it incompetence across the board generally speaking

Anonymous said...

we may not be doing the job right but.. but at least it is ourselves not doing the job right will say the negro

even if the job's not done right it is we who are doing the job