Saturday, December 24, 2022

video: one of the usual suspects tears up mia airport

Re-posted by N.S.


Anonymous said...

These airport antics of the negroes are very disturbing the colored people like to make a scene usually a very bad scene I ask myself too where is security these people carry on their antics for quite a long period of time be filmed by everybody

finally the woman was restrained and taken away in handcuffs she needs to face some strong jail time be put on a no fly list and sued for damages that she caused to the ticket counter that sort of behavior is just totally unacceptable especially at an airport but it occurs over and over seems like the colored folks just get away with whatever it is they want to get away with most of the time they are like sacrosanct

Anonymous said...

Notice that one white man who backs away when the negress approaches him he was very wise to do so that colored girl could probably have decked him with a single punch they are very robust physical specimens