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Was Papa John’s Founder and CEO John Schnatter Destroyed, and His Company Stolen Out from Under Him, for Showing Decency While White?

War crime victim, Gordon Schaffer

By Jim Don Bob
December 23, 2022
@Art Deco

[N.S.: This came up in the course of a discussion at Steve Sailer’s blog about the McKinsey consulting firm.)

“I think we also need to consider the reluctance of corporate executives to overrule the wokeness of the HR and DIE people. Let’s say they bring for your approval an ad campaign that shows a white man with a black wife living in an upper class neighborhood with beautiful mulatto children. Are you going to be the one to point out that this is not all realistic (most B-W pairings are black man white woman), be denounced as racist, and possibly lose your job? I wouldn’t. Look what happened to Papa John at his own company.” [Emphasis in original.]

N.S.: I know some people are going to say I’m crazy, but ever since criminal conspirators stole Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter’s company from him, I have suspected that it was because Schnatter had done the right thing by a White victim of black racist violence.

When black robber Darious Fitzpatrick murdered White night counter clerk Gordon Schaffer, Schnatter not only paid for Schaffer’s funeral, but delivered the eulogy. And then the sky fell in on Schnatter.

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By Art Deco
December 24, 2022
@Nicholas Stix

“Corporate culture being what it is these days, that’s no longer an implausible thesis.”

“Note what a witless hash is 8th Amendment jurisprudence. Here you have 8,400 words worth of pilpul to tell the defendant that being a feral youth shy of his 18th birthday rather than past his 18th birthday does not entitle him to any dispensations, apart from those granted by Tennessee law.

“The other scandal here is that it took Tennessee courts four years to process this case to a verdict. This is a crime that had security camera footage recording the whole mess and the testimony of one of the perps. That appellate court decision you see above was issued seven years after the event.” [Emphasis in original.]

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By Stealth
December 24, 2022
@Nicholas Stix

“That doesn’t sound crazy at all.”

By David in TN
December 24, 2022
@Art Deco

I went to the Columbia, TN courthouse every few months during those four years, usually little or no progress. Things went very slow.

Once there was a status hearing about three years in. I was sitting in the courtroom. The Judge looked at me and asked, ‘Who are you?’ I was taken aback, to say the least, finally said, ‘I’m a spectator.’ Which I had a legal right to be. This satisfied the Judge, but why did he ask?

When the trial (finally) started the Judge saw me sitting outside waiting to go in the courtroom and smiled slightly.

I watched the trial, no surprises, dead bang Guilty. The sentence was Life With the Possibility of Parole. I wrote about the trial for Nicholas Stix, Uncensored (I, II, and III).

I agree Schnatter’s solicitation for the victim, Gordon Schaeffer, did not sit well with the corporate structure.

The victim impact statement by Gordon Schaeffer’s mother was hard to watch.

war criminal, Darious Fitzpatrick


Anonymous said...

Yes it is as Joseph Wambaugh said years ago the original crime is bad enough but it is what goes on afterwards that is the real crime it seems that John Schnatter got the ire of the
NFL when he made anti negro comments and used an anti negro word

that he delivered the eulogy for the white kid killed by the colored criminal too must have upset some people for whatever reason usually because somebody is not showing proper sympathy for all persons involved victim and perpetrator both

Anonymous said...

The man that founded Domino's Pizza in Detroit for a long time was also a target of the far left he was anti abortion and contributed to anti abortion groups so he was in the sights of the far left for a long time

I shouldn't even bother to say far left the entire left is far left in the USA