Friday, December 23, 2022

Sometimes a single sentence makes an article memorable

By An Old Friend
fri, dec 23, 2022 9:03 p.m.

Sometimes a single sentence makes an article memorable

The article, "Hand Over Your Money and DIE," is about end-of-year charitable donations and makes obvious points about the decay of most American civic institutions.  The highlight sentence for me was this one about, generically, universities.  If you and lots of other alums stop donating cold to your alma mater, 

Perhaps then it will decide to go back to promoting top-notch teaching and research rather than acting like a full-time diversity corporation that moonlights as an educational establishment.

That brings to mind a modern-day riddle. Q. What's the opposite of diversity? A. University!

Author of the article is Joshua Katz, the long-tenured and well-respected princeton prof of classics whose defenestration was engineered this last summer because he'd pushed back publicly on some of the diversity-babble, whereupon princeton's pathetic "elites" resurrected an old peccadillo for which he'd paid full penalty fifteen years earlier.

Here's the whole thing:


Anonymous said...

"The bible mentions tithing".

How about twentyfiving--as in taxes paid to the Fed, state and local government? Twenty five percent "donated" by me to the less fortunate--courtesy the pickpockets in our capitol cities around the country--Lansing in my state--and D.C. for the U.S.

THAT'S the REAL "capitol punishment" ALL OF US suffer from these days.

I donate via withholding.


Anonymous said...

Yep they always say DEI diversity equity inclusion more appropriately should be called DIE

Anonymous said...

"Did you know that 'decimate' means kill just one out of every ten?"

decimate in the military sense can me total destruction and obliteration of the adversary

Anonymous said...

Personally i do not give to charity most charitable donations end up in the hands of administration costs

top people in administration usually get paid very well with a lot of benefit and perks

i have been told that salvation army where the most money gets to the suitable recipient

Anonymous said...

"How about twenty fiving--as in taxes paid to the Fed, state and local government?"

about 5 / twelves of our income goes to paying taxes that includes every last little tax you can itemize.