Friday, December 02, 2022

No White Men as leaders of the dem party for the first time in history (not a good thing)

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
thursday, december 1, 2022 at 11:58:00 a.m. est

GRA: Pelosi claims this is “reflective of a growing diversity,” but it’s actually exclusionary of Whites. This article was written by a commie named Mini Racker, and it’s as anti-White male as you can get.

(time) “when Nancy Pelosi this month announced the end of her historic tenure as the first female speaker of the house, she set the stage for another historic shift in American politics: for the first time in u.s. history, the top ranks of house leadership for one party won’t include any White Men.

“‘It has been with great pride in my 35 years in the house I have seen this body grow more reflective of our great nation, our beautiful nation,’ Pelosi said in her retirement speech on november 17. ‘we have brought more voices to the decision-making table.”

[GRA: By kicking out Whites.]

“house democrats voted on their new leaders on wednesday. the ascendancy of Hakeem Jeffries of new york, Katherine Clark of massachusetts, and Pete Aguilar of california to house democratic leader, whip, and caucus chair respectively will revamp the face of a body that has historically been controlled by old White Men. and it will mark the first time ever for either party in either chamber of congress to have no White Men in any of the top leadership positions.”

GRA: Mini Racker is White. Tell me, Mini, how having blacks, mex, and muslims in power, helps YOU—as a White person.

I’ll answer that one—it doesn’t. Just as Whites have been vanquished in many areas of television, the “race squad” will come looking for you, too. There’ll be no sympathy from me when you’re replaced by Shaniqua Abdul Jones, just because the magazine wants more blacks working there than Whites.



Anonymous said...

Even if whitey in the leadership they all would be weak willed supplicants to the negro.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it is already Shaniqua Abdul Jones all over the TV anyhow.