Monday, July 26, 2021

Obituary for War Crime Victim, Samantha L. Josephson

Samantha L. Josephson

[Re: “msm and S.C. Authorities Turn Savage (the Vic was Left Virtually Bloodless), black, Hate-Crime Murder of White Coed into a Case of Mistaken Identity, and are Priming the Pump for Yet Another Act of Racist, black Jury Nullification!”]

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I recall very well the reports of Samantha L. Josephson’s murder. However, while emphasizing her mistake of getting in the wrong cr, thinking it was her Uber ride, the msm either downplayed or ignored the savagery of the crime. Considering the history of such war crimes, all you needed to know was the autopsy results to know the perp’s race. Think of Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Anne Pressly, Central Park Jogger Trisha Meili (who miraculously survived), the Pearcy Massacre victims, the unidentified, nation of islam “turkey killing,” Jayna Murray, et al.


Orland’s Ewing Memorial Chapel
1534 Pennington Rd.
Trenton, NJ

Samantha L. Josephson ROBBINSVILLE Samantha L. Josephson, 21, passed away Friday March 29, 2019. Born in Princeton, Samantha was a student at The University of South Carolina majoring in political science. She would have graduated in June and planned to attend Drexel University School of Law. Samantha is survived by her parents, Seymour and Marci Josephson, a sister, Sydney Josephson, and maternal grandmother, Roberta Hausman. Funeral services are at 12 noon Wednesday, April 3, at Congregation Beth Chaim, 329 Village Road East, Princeton Junction, NJ. Burial will follow at Perrineville Cemetery, 755 Perrineville Road, Perrineville, NJ. The period of mourning will be observed Wednesday following the burial, Thursday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 12 noon at the Josephson residence. The family respectfully requests memorial contributions to Womanspace ( Funeral arrangements are by Orland’s Ewing Memorial Chapel, Ewing, NJ. Please sign Samantha’s guestbook at - josephson Orland's Ewing Memorial Chapel 1534 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ 08618 (609) 883-1400

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Published by The Times, Trenton, on Apr. 1, 2019.


Anonymous said...

If you think about this particular heinous crime,any one person--theoretically getting into a single car,should not be murdered as Samantha Josephson was, But that's only if there weren't an overabundance of black killers waiting,watching and looking for the right situation to kidnap,rape and kill our White females in.

This isn't just bad luck--or defying the odds--these ARE the odds.

There are more black,sociopathic thugs out there than certainly,media will admit to. Throw in TV ads(like the one from Toyota--which is all about fervently pushing the race mixing of black men and White women/girls--and nothing else)and you have the perfect set-up for crimes like this case to occur far too often(once is too much,of course).Race mixing shows like the "Bachelor" only exacerbates the behavior.

The current numbers of black ex-cons,current cons and future cons,leave us with a possible 20 million blacks that,on a single day,are all potential perps in this field of felonious hate against White females.

Whites must not give blacks the benefit of the doubt--they sure as hell don't deserve it--based on everything we know that's happening today(thanks to NSU and scant few other sites).

White women: Don't help black men kill you--THINK--and AVOID them,whenever possible.

David In TN said...

Samantha Josephson was stabbed 120 times. It must have been "random," or "wrong place at the wrong time." There was "no known motive," or "senseless."

There are so many of these we can't keep track of them. As I've said, a news blackout followed by a trial suddenly starting two years or so later.