Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Former Commiefornia Senator Barbara Boxer is Mugged by Raceless Attacker in Oakland

By Jerry PDX

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 7:41:00 P.M. EDT

Former Commiefornia Senator Barbara Boxer is Mugged in Oakland:


Jerry: Happened a few hours after a news conference 5 blocks away about taking a tougher stance on crime in the city. I couldn't find a single news report that supplied a description of the perp. We know what that means but I like Ann Coulter and her take on it. She tweeted this:

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter responded to Boxer’s mugging in a tweet: “Well, let’s just hope she was able to give a good suspect description to the responding social workers.”

Ha ha, gotta love Ann sometimes.

I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for Boxer, she's a little mixed bag on her immigration voting record but voted in favor of illegals getting social security and no on the English language being the official language of the government (so what do they want the official language to be? Arabic? Mandarin? Spanish? Swahili?), plus she co-sponsored the Dream Act. Always amusing to see a Dem get taken down by one of their own diversity crew.


Anonymous said...

It was the spirit of Jackie Mason--who was a huuuge Trump supporter.He HATED Biden and Democrats for being anti-Israel.

I doubt if it was a law abiding black(because there aren't any!)who perpetrated the crime.


Anonymous said...

What was a whitey woman doing in Oakland by herself [I am assuming she was by herself]??

Mugged by reality they call it.