Friday, July 23, 2021

black Washington, D.C. Police Chief: City is “Coddling” Criminals after Latest Shooting

D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee

By Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

I just noticed something--all those black police chiefs look alike.
(except the obese black one Grand Rapids is saddled with).

I think any large city--with at least a 15% black population in it--to be taken seriously as a place that wants to decrease black crime,that city MUST NOT have a black police chief.The thugs see who's leading the men in blue and just smile and relax.
"Nothing to worry 'bout here y'all."

Fire the black,hire a White chief,but let him actually fight crime--and that city might have a chance of seeing blacks move out to other towns where Whitey doesn't wear a badge.

That's one way crime can be cut down--get blacks to leave.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Portland Public Schools have declined to ban critical race theory being taught to our children:
There is a strong public outcry by parents who seem shocked but I could have told them this was going to happen. Portland is infested with Woke ideologues trying to get into office in order to shoehorn their evil belief system on the public. If you don't pay attention to who you are voting for, this is what happens.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Former ESPN NBA "reporter" Chris Martin Palmer contradicts himself with a tweet saying "Burn it all Down" in reference to George Floyd protesters burning and destroying buildings, but when protesters got close to his gated community he tweeted "Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood".

Check out his "defense" of his hypocrisy:

I took rubber bullets and tear gas yesterday standing on the front lines. I risked my life trying to get pictures and video. Don't talk to me about what you don't know about little girl.

Sound familiar? Yes, Palmer is a negro and utilizes the same irrationality, stupidity and childish arguments they all do when caught lying or contradicting themselves.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Nothing different than my city. I previously sent a comment about how cops are being directed to ignore black drivers with expired tags or broken tail lights but focus on white drivers going over the speed limit. I've already seen the results, it's gotten very dangerous to go even a few miles over the speed limit around here, if you're white that is, I've been seeing cops stopping white drivers several times a day. Doesn't matter that murder rate is double what it was last year and that blacks are responsible for 99% of the increase. The chances of violent negro criminals being apprehended have dropped precipitously due to our Woke city government.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Dept. of Homeland "Security" mass shipping alien invaders via Greyhound into rural Louisiana:
Article points out these "migrants" are mostly single young males, though I would have known that without it being stated. Towns these men are being shipped to have not been notified of these arrivals. Our tax money at work folks.
Didn't I ask this before about the "Dept. of Homeland Security"? How did they become responsible for assisting in the White replacement agenda? Aren't they responsible for securing our borders not ushering in potential criminals and terrorists?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a prayer march will help? Anyone have a better idea? Place [DC] too far gone like Chicago for any difference to be made.

Stop and frisk young negro men and stiff sentences for possession of a knife or a gun? That might help.