Friday, July 23, 2021

nfl/blm 2021-2022 Preview

[“NFL Teams Will be Forced to Forfeit, if Unvaccinated Players Cause COVID-19 Outbreak.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, July 23, 2021 at 3:51:00 A.M. EDT

Yes, another football season to avoid, is almost upon us again. Soon, hundreds of unvaccinated, steroid-filled blacks will be taking the field looking for White quarterbacks to injure severely and White cheerleaders to impregnate.

The Tuskegee Titans (formerly Tennessee Titans) are favored to win this year’s nfl/blm super bowl, provided the secret, experimental vaccines that are being injected into Tuskegee’s black players—to make them less criminal (and completely sterile)—doesn’t turn them into a team of RuPauls.

You may have noticed that the nfl has merged with blm this season, and many team names have been altered to reflect the merger of the two entities.

The “genocide Whitey ny jets,” the “White Cracka is racist las vegas raiders,” and the “blacks are oppressed new orleans saints” are three examples of name changes, which announcers will repeat hundreds of times a game, in hopes of inciting riots in the ghetto.

There appears to be one potential problem for the upcoming football season, however. Ratings are expected to plummet lower than a Louis Farrakhan-hosted, Academy Awards telecast, but the nfl/blm league hopes to compensate for such horrific numbers—by lying about them.

“Many black players sent the same suggestion to our office concerning the solution for bad ratings—LIE,” said Roger Goodell, co-commissioner of the league—along with blm-er, Colin Kaepernick.

“Our black players admitted that ratings will suck worse than Maxine Waters with her dentures in, but when blacks are faced with a problem, there’s only one thing they feel comfortable doing to get out of that situation—tell the biggest whopper they can think of—and lie like hell.”

“Also, by the time anyone catches on to the scam, the season should be over,” added Goodell.

So, “Are you ready for some football?!”

Me, neither.


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Anonymous said...

"So, 'Are you ready for some football?!'

Me, neither."

Don't ever watch another game no matter what.