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Aaron Hernandez: Authorities Issue Arrest Warrant for New England Patriots' Tight End for Obstruction of Justice Now, While Building Case in Murder of Odin Lloyd, 27; Hernandez Allegedly Has History of Getting Away with Extreme Violence


Murder victim Odin Lloyd has been identified as Aaron Hernandez' "friend," a designation which has proven extremely harmful to its bearers' health



Aaron Hernandez: If he isn't a gang-banger, he's doing a heck of an impression of one (combined with an impression of Adam Sandler)



Shayanna Jenkins is Hernandez' girlfriend and the mother of a child of his





By Nicholas Stix


Aaron Hernandez was the last person known to have seen murder victim Odin Lloyd, 27, alive on Sunday night. Hernandez and Lloyd spent the weekend, including Sunday night, drinking at clubs with two other, as yet unidentified men. Sometime in the wee hours before dawn Monday, Lloyd was murdered by a gunshot to the head. His body was then moved to an area in an industrial park a mile away from Hernandez' mansion, where it was not found until Monday night.


Lloyd was a semi-pro football player who was dating the sister of Hernandez' girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins.


On Monday, Hernandez had a team of cleaners scrub his mansion clean. When police asked for his cell phone and home security system, Hernandez turned them over, but only after they had both been destroyed, with the cell phone smashed to bits.


Law enforcement and the media are insinuating that Lloyd was murdered in Hernandez' home, kept somewhere out of sight for 12 or more hours, and then moved to the area where he was found.


Suddenly, reports alleging that Hernandez has a history of extreme violence have surfaced.


Former "friend" Alexander Bradley, 32, just filed a lawsuit on June 13, in which he alleges that during a February, 2013 argument Hernandez fired an illegal weapon, and shot Bradley's right eye out and rendered his right arm useless. Bradley did not press criminal charges against Hernandez.


As a former FBI special agent who works as a consultant on ABC News observed, Hernandez has a history of mixing alcohol, guns, and aggressive behavior, from which bad things inevitably follow.


Note, too, the tattoos covering Hernandez' body. There may be non-violent men who are covered with tattoos somewhere, but we already know that Hernandez isn't one of them.


Hernandez and all-pro Rob Gronkowski comprise a tandem of immensely gifted tight ends playing for the New England Patriots. Hernandez is known for his speed, agility, and good hands. Both players have proven injury-prone, but while Gronkowski is a clutch player when healthy, Hernandez is a choker.


It is common procedure for authorities who are looking to charge someone with major felonies to arrest him on minor charges, in order to get him out of circulation, prevent possible flight, keep him away from suspected accomplices, and prevent witness intimidation, while building a case on the bigger charges.



Aaron Hernandez Arrest Warrant Prepared on Obstruction of Justice Charge, Sources Say



Slain Football Player Found Near NFL Star's Home




NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. June 21, 2013

ABC News


New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is now the subject of an arrest warrant drawn up on obstruction of justice charges based on the possible destruction of evidence in connection with the shooting death of his friend, ABC News has learned.

Police sources told ABC News on Thursday that a major investigative tool – the security system at Hernandez's home, which included video – had been intentionally destroyed. His cell phone was handed over to police "in pieces," and appeared to have been smashed.

Police also want to know why a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez's mansion, the sources said.

Evidence is mounting that Hernandez and the victim, Odin Lloyd, 27, a semi-pro football player, had been together at several nightclubs during the course of the weekend, including the night before Lloyd's body was found, several law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The star NFL player has not been ruled out as a suspect in the murder of a semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, 27, who was Hernandez's friend, sources said, but the warrant that has been issued does not include a murder allegation.

Erika Niedowski/AP Photo

Massachusetts State Police search along a... View Full Size

Erika Niedowski/AP Photo

Massachusetts State Police search along a road near the home of New England Patriot's NFL football player Aaron Hernandez in North Attleborough, Mass., June 19, 2013.


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Hernandez has been at the center of the investigation since Lloyd's body was found shot in the back of the head in a scrubby clearing of an industrial park roughly a mile from the Patriots star's $1.7 million mansion in North Attleborough, Mass., on Monday.

Lloyd was believed to have been killed sometime before dawn on Monday, although his body was not discovered until Monday evening by a teenage jogger.

Surveilance [sic] videos from nightclubs and in the area of Hernandez's home show Hernandez, Lloyd and two other men together in the hours before Lloyd was shot in the head.

Police are also investigating "other incidents of violence" that Hernandez is suspected of being involved in, two sources told ABC News.

Hernandez is being sued by a former friend who lost his eye after he claims the Patriots player shot him in the face in February. A lawsuit in that case stated that Hernandez "possessed a gun he was not legally licensed to have."

In the lawsuit initially filed in federal court on June 13, attorneys representing Alexander Bradley, 32, said that Hernandez and several others were at Tootsie's strip club in Miami on Feb. 13 when Bradley and Hernandez got into an argument. The group then left the club, and while driving towards Palm Beach, Hernandez's gun discharged inside the vehicle. "It fired, and a bullet went through my client's arm and blew out his right eye," attorney David Jaroslawicz told "It has been enucleated -- replaced with a prosthetic eye. He has also lost use of his right arm."

The victim, however, apparently did not tell Palm Beach County sheriffs who responded that the shooter was his friend Aaron Hernandez. The tight end's name is not mentioned on the police report.

Hernandez was also questioned about a shooting when he was a college student, but he was not charged in the case.


Anonymous said...

According to CBS, Alexander Bradley, the man suing Hernandez for shooting him is a convicted drug dealer. This would explain why Bradley did not initially report the shooting to the police.

David In TN

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

As a New England Patriots fan I am aware of, but only cursorily following, this story.

For me however, the bottom line is the amount of smoke I see floating around this story, and there certainly looks as though there is a fire somewhere.

Aaron, a heavily tattooed Hispanic, mating with a Negress, takes immediate defensive measures as the cops, state police, begin moving in upon him. Looks bad to me.

I do not think Aaron will be as fortunate as Ray Lewis was in Rays association with murder. Thanks.