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Things That AOL’s Huffington Post Doesn’t Want You to Know about USC Prof and Alleged Pedophile and Child Pornographer Walter Lee Williams (No, Not That Walter Williams, the White One!)


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"Militant Homosexualist USC Prof Walter Lee Williams Arrested in Mexico for Allegedly Molesting Boys and Child Pornography; Huffington Post Blocks/Deletes Thousands of Comments, Refuses to Report on Williams' Sexuality or Activism."]


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Thanks to my colleague, Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury, for the sendalong.


What "Prof." Williams calls "research," federal prosecutors call child molestation and producing child pornography.


The feds aren't always wrong.






Professor of Anthropology, History, and Gender Studies

University of Southern California

Los Angeles CA 90089-4352


Read reviews and order books by Walter L. Williams


Walter L. Williams in Thailand, where he is currently focusing his research

Professor Lawrence Carter of Morehouse College, Dean of the Martin Luther King Center and Director of the Gandhi Institute for Reconciliation, presenting the 2006 Gandhi King Ikeda Award for Human Rights to Walter L. Williams for his life of activism devoted to expanding human rights in the United States and around the world.

The Gandhi King Ikeda Award medallion presented to Walter L. Williams. See Williams' acceptance speech for this award, commenting on his activist work and academic scholarship work contributing to the expansion of human rights, in the link to the left.

On the left is the 1998 "Contributions Toward Excellence in Education" Award to Walter L. Williams for his book, "Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia." On the right is the 1993 PROACT Award presented to Walter L. Williams for outstanding contributions to diversity in higher education.

He also received the "Ruth Benedict Prize for Excellence in Research," that was presented at the 1986 American Anthropological Association annual meetings. His book "The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and received an award from the American Library Association as one of 1986's "Best Books of the Year," and it also received the award for the "Most Outstanding Scholarly Book on Sexological Research Published in 1985 and 1986" by the World Congress for Sexology.

Each edition of the books published by Walter L. Williams. Besides his books, Professor Williams has published over 130 articles and essays, and has given speeches to academic conferences and human rights groups around the world.

2004 Teaching Award presented to Walter L. Williams based on nominations by students at the University of Southern California.

In 2006 he was voted as one of the "Ten Most Influential Professors at the University of Southern California" by the students of the USC chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Walter L. Williams overlooking the library of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, which is the largest collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender materials in the world. He was instrumental in merging ONE Institute and the National Gay and Lesbian Archives, and in bringing this merged research center into affiliation with the University of Southern California.

In 2006 Walter Williams received a special service award for the volunteer work he did at the Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs CA. With him when he received this award is his niece Jenna Lee Arthurs, his mother Opal Williams Quintner, and her husband Harry Quintner.


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