Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Millburn, NJ Home Invasion: Racist Black Man Beats White Woman to a Pulp, Tries to Murder Her by Kicking Her Down a Flight of Stairs, Robs Home, and Then Brutally Beats Her Again (Graphic Video)

Posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the reader who sent me this link.

The Boss and I watched a censored version of this video this morning on one of the morning shows, whose producers went out of their way to make it impossible for viewers to see that the victim was white.


Chicago guy said...

The media always superimposes an image of a 'good black', one who seems to be a middle class responsible one, over any stories such as this one where the race of the perp can't be glossed over. The news correspondent in the field sent to read off the script for this story is one such case. Every case I see reported on television, flash mobs, robberies, murders, assaults, rapes, etc., where blacks are involved always has a 'responsible black' out there covering it. It's a subtle way of trying to manage the perceptions of the viewers.

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if someone like George Zimmerman had been watching this neighborhood, wouldn't it?

David In TN