Thursday, June 27, 2013

In George Zimmerman Trial, the Prosecution and the Defense Have Reversed Roles (Day 4)


Who's playing defense now? Top: Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda; bottom: defense attorney Don West

By David in TN

I had previously commented that Martin seems to be the defendant and/or the prosecution is acting like the defense.

For example, the defense has the photographic evidence of George Zimmerman's wounds, which the state has tried to "raise doubt" about. Also, the state tries to keep out certain items of evidence.

Yesterday, two black "legal experts" even made the Freudian slip of calling the prosecution "the defense."

A commenter at The Conservative Treehouse just observed that the defense and prosecution seem reversed in this trial.

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Anonymous said...

There is something I forgot to mention. The Duke Lacrosse Hoax was another case in which the prosecution acted like the defense.

The attorneys for the LAX players made a big issue of the DNA test, which showed the accused hadn't sexually assaulted the accuser. Usually, the prosecution puts DNA front and center. In the Duke case, the defense did.

In other words, the defense had the proof and Nifong (and the MSM) tried to raise "reasonable doubt."

David In TN