Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ex-Army: Immigration, the Left… and Bullying


Posted by Nicholas Stix

Immigration and the Left
By Ex-Army: Nationalist Libertarian

Despite what they say, just about the entire political class is in favor of amnesty first of all, and then more and more and more immigration, legal and illegal. And you can extend that to the whole MAG (Media, Academia, Government). Now, they all want it for their own grubby little reasons, but they all say it will just improve the bejeezus out of the economy and everything else, to have unlimited hordes of uneducated, unskilled, Third-World immigrants pouring in over the border. It seems that even an idiot could figure out that when you have an oversupply of a commodity (unskilled labor), the price (wages) of that commodity falls….

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Anonymous said...

That's OK, corporate profits will skyrocket due to the lower wages they have to pay. Inside traders, CEO's and Bangsters will clean up during the next boom/bust cycle of the markets - We, the middle class will pay the costs financially and socially. When is the working man ever going to figure it out?

Just had to get that it, I'm actually sending a link to an incident in New Jersey, it was reported here one the West Coast so likely you'll see it but just in case here is the link:
(imagine the howling if the perp was white and it was a black woman)