Friday, June 21, 2013

James Garner: PBS Profile of Garner’s Days as Maverick, with a Recent Interview with Him

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Warning: The man was about 83 when he did the interview, and he looks and sounds every bit of it. It may be hard to watch for those of us who remember Garner as being forever youthful. He comes across as ancient, even compared to his appearance in The Notebook, about eight years earlier.

With that said, this is a very good piece of work, considering that it runs just over five minutes. I’d never known of Garner’s hardscrabble childhood in dustbowl Oklahoma.

Thanks to DigitalManOfAction.

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Anonymous said...

James Garner's birth name was James Scott Bumgarner. Upon his first acting role, Warner Brothers called him "James Garner" and he kept the name.

I liked him in the 1964 film, "36 Hours," and the 1998 noirish "Twilight," with Paul Newman.

I enjoyed him as a child when he played "Maverick."

David In TN