Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Crazy Lady Witness: Liveblogging the George Zimmerman Trial: Day Three

The bloody wounds that Trayvon Martin inflicted on the back of George Zimmerman’s head, when Martin repeatedly slammed Zimmerman’s head into the pavement, while trying to murder him (State Attorney's Office)

George Zimmerman’s bloody, broken nose, in a photo taken the night Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense

Post #114 on the Trayvon Martin Hoax
By Nicholas Stix

George Zimmerman’s former neighbor, Jane Surdyka, is on the stand. Her 911 call from February 26, 2012 was played in court. Surdyka, who is in her fifties and presently unemployed, said she’d worked in a hospital with people with behavioral problems, and also had taught school for 10 years.

The 911 call lasted for over 20 minutes, and was worthless both to the police, and to determining the facts of this case. Much of the call consisted of Surdyka sobbing into the phone and being so hysterical that the 911 operator recommend that she call victims’ services and get a victim’s advocate, even though she wasn’t a crime victim.

The dispatcher had already dealt with several other neighbors’ 911 calls within a few minutes, and dispatched two separate squad cars (one of which was on scene, and the other of which was on the way), but Surdyka now monopolized an emergency line for close to a half hour, even though she was not using it to report any essential information.

Black HLN host T.J. Holmes said, “She fought back tears in that call.” That’s ridiculous; she was clearly hysterically sobbing away.

“I can’t imagine why anyone would shoot anyone.”

The Boss said, “She can’t imagine? What kind of world she live in?”

The boss, who is a veteran nurse, said “She worked in a hospital? She sound like a patient. How can she deal with dead people? How can she give CPR?”

I asked The Boss how many dead people she’s seen: “Over 20, over 30.”

Jane Surdyka said at the time that she heard three “pops.” “Pop, pop, pop.” But George Zimmerman only fired his gun once, and on the 911 recording she said she heard one pop.

Surdyka was listening form an upstairs window and heard and saw nothing clearly. She is just assuming that the inaudible scream she heard was Trayvon Martin.

HLN’s “experts” are promoting this as a “game-changer,” and as “the most dramatic testimony,” and asserting that her credibility cannot be assailed.

Nonsense. The woman has no credibility whatsoever. All she has is her hysteria and her assumption that the scream must have been Trayvon.

As shaky as so many eyewitnesses are, this crazy woman, even if her testimony is sincere, is worthless. That HLN’s “experts” (“Mel” Robbins and Darren Kavinoky) are praising her testimony, is because they are trying to railroad Zimmerman. Robbins left no doubt about that yesterday. We’ll have to see if Kavinoky is part of the necktie party, or is just a guy who jumps on and off bandwagons.


Douglas said...

If Zimmerman is allowed to go free the city will burn. I imagine there would even be burning a and lives threatened outside the city. There will be no justice in this trail.

Anonymous said...

Darren Kavinoky is (or was) a Los Angeles defense attorney who is trying to become a celebrity lawyer, hosting an ID Channel show recently. You would think Kavinoky would give a defense perspective. He must be riding the bandwagon.

David TN

Anonymous said...

I hope all the Whites have been buying arms and ammo. The powers that be in Chicago shut down ammo sales in Cook County during the MLK riots in 1968 and LA County did the same for the Rodney King riots. AMMO is LIFE. You are the militia, and if justice means Blacks riot, then so be it.

Don't try to be "The Great Humanitarian" like the Koreans in the LA riots; they ran low on ammo by shooting for deterrence.

Like Douglas states, the "city will burn." Shoot like your life depends on it. One shot one hit is firepower. Use optics. Training. Sling. Project Appleseed... and God be with you in Battle.