Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White Victim of Racist Richmond, CA Gang-Rape Testifies; NY Daily News Covers Up Attack's Racial Character

Manuel Ortega, Elvis Torrentes, Ari Morales, Marcelles Peter, Jose Montano and John Crane Jr. were all accused of raping the unnamed woman in 2009.

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Woman who claims she was gang-raped at 2009 homecoming dance takes the stand, saying she felt like 'someone had taken out my insides and stabbed them'


To this day, the unnamed woman is left with wounds from the attack. Two men, Jose Montano and Marcelles Peter are now on trial.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 5:47 PM


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A young woman who claims she was brutally gang raped outside of her homecoming dance took the stand nearly four years after the vicious 2009 attack.

The student, identified only as Jane Doe, took the stand at the Contra Costa Superior Court in Martinez, Calif., Monday, matter-of-factly stating how she remembered leaving the event, but could not remember the violent assault that put her in the hospital, covered in bruises and burns.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Doe testified that she remembers leaving the Oct. 24, 2009 dance at Richmond High School with a headache, but wanted to get a good night's sleep for church the next morning.

While she doesn't remember the attack itself, police said that Doe had been brutally raped by several men, who also kicked her in the stomach, urinated on her, and left her in a state of undress.

She told the court she woke the next morning in a hospital bed in immense pain, and suffers hip pain and memory loss to this day.

"I felt very nauseous, as if someone had taken out my insides and stabbed them and put them back in," Doe said, according to the Contra Costa Times.

Two men, Jose Montano, 22, and Marcelles Peter, 20, are currently on trial, accused of raping the victim, who was 16 at the time of the attack.

Two other men have already been convicted of gang rape, and two others are currently awaiting trial, the paper reports.

Doe told the courtroom that she did not drink alcohol the night of the attack — or at all, but a nurse gave testimony last week that contradicted Doe's statements.

The nurse had said that Doe told her in the hospital that she had been drinking brandy voluntarily the night of the attack.

According to the Chronicle, Doe has already won $4 million from a civil case against the school district.

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Anonymous said...

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When you hear songs with lyrics like "kill the white bitch" and "kill the stupid white bitch" one wonders how much of this hostility towards white women is being encouraged.
If white women were singing this about Dominicans they would be up in arms.
I am so sorry to hear of this happening to a young woman. What is sickening is that there are people who will excuse the perpetrators crimes because they are black Spanish.