Friday, June 28, 2013

Screw Non-Partisanship: The League of Women Voters Supports Vote Fraud (i.e., the Democratic Party), and Uses Such Support as a Fundraising Point!



Dear …….,

This week the Supreme Court gutted Section 4 of the landmark Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965. This decision erases fundamental protections against racial discrimination in voting that have been effective for more than 40 years.

Until Congress acts to restore the critical protections provided by this crucial legislation, the rights of some of the most vulnerable and underrepresented groups of voters are at stake. All states, including those that have a history of blatant voter discrimination are now free to wreak havoc on the rights of voters whose voices are often the least heard.

The League urgently needs your help today to fight back. Will you help us protect the rights of voters by making a generous gift right now of $, $, or more?

During the 2012 Presidential election, partisan politicians and special interests waged a war against voters — working to overturn voting rights laws, limiting voter registration by groups like the League and using tactics that blocked access to the polls.

The League fought back then and we are fighting back now.

We need to act immediately by going to Congress to fix the VRA and by fighting restrictions on the right to vote in the states.

This decision will only embolden those who seek to create barriers to voters' rights. Without a strong VRA, our ability to fight off anti-voter legislation and keep our elections free, fair and accessible is significantly weakened. We need your strongest support today to help tell Congress that it must restore the Voting Rights Act.

The League has been tirelessly working for over 90 years to protect the rights of all eligible voters. We won't sit on the sidelines while the voting rights of millions of Americans are threatened.

No one does this work like the League — and it has never been more important.

That's why I hope I can count on you to help us protect the right to vote and keep our elections free, fair and accessible.

We need YOUR help to combat the pernicious discrimination that is less visible than what occurred decades ago but no less harmful to the right to vote. Please help the League stand up to these direct threats to you and your fellow voters today.

Thank you.


Elisabeth MacNamara
President, LWVUS

PS: American democracy is built on free, fair, and accessible elections. That's what's at stake right now. Please support the League today and help us defend everyone's right to vote.

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Glaivester said...

When we fight vote fraud and lose, the only feasible solution I can see is to join in on the fun. Republicans in the voter-fraud friendly state of Ohio should get as many fraudulent votes as they can.

Please repost this.