Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kathy Shaidle (Five Feet of Fury): Mainstream Writers are Openly Talking about Issues That VDARE Kept Alive for Years, When No One Else Would Touch Them!

Posted by Nicholas Stix

For over 13 years, despite the Left and the fake Right of Conservatism, Inc. waging war on him, Peter Brimelow has walked tall, rather than cringe and submit, unlike so many others (Jim DeMint, James Watson, Larry Summers, et al.).

Kathy: “Once again: Yesterday’s ‘racist’ opinion is today’s mainstream news.”

Going back about ten years, I have seen many columns elsewhere that were either repackaged VDARE columns, or plagiarized them. Early on, I wrote Steve Sailer once or twice that it seemed as though he were ghosting New York Times columns for John Tierney and David Brooks. Tierney is long gone from the Times’ op-ed page, and I don’t waste that much time on its predictable columnists anymore (besides, I get enough opinionating from its alleged news stories), however, I do see a lot of columns on the dissident right that clearly have been cribbed from VDARE, Pat Buchanan has cited us in the past, Ann Coulter quoted Peter just the other day, and other writers are mentioning our issues (like Hispanic illegal alien drunk driving killers) who wouldn’t have had the nerve to do so, if we weren’t keeping those issues alive.

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