Saturday, June 25, 2022

"tucked inside the u.s. supreme court’s ruling Friday that overturned the long-held constitutional protection for abortion was a concurring opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas"

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Jun 25, 2022 11:58 a.m.

Tucked inside the u.s. supreme court’s ruling Friday that overturned the long-held constitutional protection for abortion was a concurring opinion from conservative Justice Clarence Thomas. In it, he pushed the court to revisit cases that have already bee


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If something goes bad it is the fault of Vlad. And if not Vlad then Don. Etc. Across the board. Pal Joey totally blameless. The buck stops with you buddy.

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GRA:But that's less future customers---WTF?

(breitbart)DICK’S Sporting Goods announced it will offer up to $4,000 in travel expenses for employees who decide to terminate their pregnancies and must go out of state to do so, but will not say if the company also plans to reward pregnant employees who choose to have their babies rather than get an abortion.

Following the news of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision overruling Roe v. Wade, which kicked decisions about abortion laws back to the states, the company announced that it would reimburse up to $4,000 in travel expenses to employees who would have to go out of state to get an abortion.

“While we do not know what decision each state will make in response to this ruling, we at DICK’S Sporting Goods are prepared to ensure that all teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which you live,” an email from Ed Stack and CEO Lauren Hobart read.

GRA:Something is severely effed up in the corporate world--on many levels.


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GRA:That's what pregnancy is--humans being developed.Three year olds are being developed--there's no difference.These commies cry about civil rights for every group but the obvious one.

(The Hill) — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y) on Sunday said conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices who “misled” Americans during their confirmation hearings about whether or not they supported overturning Roe v. Wade should be impeached and face “consequences” for lying under oath.

Ocasio-Cortez told NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd the Supreme Court “dramatically overreached its authority” and created a “crisis of legitimacy” that President Biden should address.

“If we allow Supreme Court nominees to lie under oath and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land and then issue — without basis, if you read these opinions — rulings that deeply undermine the human civil rights of the majority of Americans, we must see that through,” the lawmaker said.

“There must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and the hostile takeover of our democratic institutions,” she added.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned the 1973 precedent Roe v. Wade, giving states the ability to decide abortion laws for the first time in roughly 50 years.

Conservative justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — who each voted in the majority to overturn Roe — were criticized for dodging the question of overturning the precedent during their respective confirmation hearings or saying they would not support overturning the case.

(GRA:So Roberts went commie again.)

Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday said lying under oath is an impeachable offense and there should be consequences to deter it from happening again.

“What makes it particularly dangerous is that it sends a blaring signal to all future nominees that they can now lie to duly elected members of the United States Senate in order to secure a Supreme Court confirmation,” she said..

GRA:Nothing new--ALL SCOTUS nominees lie--Sotomayor too.