Saturday, June 25, 2022

va violence in georgia (video)

By Merlin
Sat, Jun 25, 2022 11:44 a.m.

va violence in georgia

Quick view:

This is brutal...

A VA "counselor" in Georgia attacked 73-year-old VietNam vet for no reason.

A lot of psychos work at the va.

Mental illness is rampant in the black community.



Anonymous said...

blacks,Mex and Muslims are mentally ill--compared to Whites,that is.

The blacks wander back and forth between being sociopathic and just plain stupid.We know them very well,don't we?

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Muslims are way out there,to the point of mania.Violence is their companion and the overthrow of Christianity,the goal.

To entrust any of the three groups,listed above,to take care of a person dependant on the whims of a minority caregiver should be grounds for massive lawsuits.

Would you feel comfortable seeing a black,Mex or Muslim,coming at you with hypodermic needle?

Me neither.


Anonymous said...

A very aggravated offense. Attacking a person in a clinical setting and the person assaulted an elderly man. 3X + 3X the normal amount of punishment due for the attacker. That is nine times normal for you that are arithmetic challenged.

Anonymous said...

"The blacks wander back and forth between being sociopathic and just plain stupid"

Whatever mental condition they have is often compounded by them being high on some kinda illegal shit all the time.