Sunday, December 27, 2020

More on black supremacist new york times Operative, Isabel Wilkerson

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 12:37:00 P.M. EST

npr (commie faction) review of Wilkerson’s book, caste, and why the narrative is wrong.

“The former New York Times Chicago bureau chief does not disappoint. Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents is a masterwork of writing — a profound achievement of scholarship and research that stands also as a triumph of both visceral storytelling and cogent analysis.

[GRA: I’m not sure who the reviewer is, but they must be blm/antifa sympathizers, one would assume.]

What is caste? According to Wilkerson, “caste is the granting or withholding of respect, status, honor, attention, privileges, resources, benefit of the doubt, and human kindness to someone on the basis of their perceived rank or standing in the hierarchy.” Racism and casteism do overlap, she writes, noting that “what some people call racism could be seen as merely one manifestation of the degree to which we have internalized the larger American caste system.”

Wilkerson’s central thesis is that caste, while a global occurrence, achieves its most violent manifestation in the treatment of American blacks, set at the lowest level in society through historical and contemporary oppression, marginalization and violence — all legally maintained through systems of law and order.

[GRA: THERE’S the rub—THAT’S what blacks oppose—those three words: “law and order.” The “caste system” is nothing more than society arranging, by intelligence and contributory aspects, an order for the planet’s denizens.]

“The English in North America developed the most rigid and exclusionist from of race ideology,” Wilkerson writes, quoting the anthropologists Audrey and Brian Smedley.

Wilkerson establishes a correlation between American blacks, whom she names the “American untouchables” and the Indian “untouchables,” or Dalits, as the lowest caste; while whites in America are the dominant, highest caste equivalent to the Indian Brahmins [GRA: tell that to Whites I see stuck in the ghetto or trailer parks].

GRA: I don’t know which blacks she’s talking about—these supposed untouchables. Whites are currently being treated exceedingly worse than blacks—Wilkerson herself is an example of that preferential treatment. She receives permission to write and talk freely about her viewpoint, while Whites—like Meacham—must write biographies about blacks to attract attention from the press. Would Nicholas Stix be allowed on Face the Nation with opposing viewpoints?

There are more blacks than Whites on my TV set, there are more black mayors and police chiefs than there should be. There was a black president (Obama) for eight years, and there’ll be another in short order (Harris).

Crying racism when there is none, makes Isabel Wilkerson an official member of the lying media—and lying, is what that group of lowlifes is best at.

The MEDIA should be the real “Untouchables.”


N.S.: Having read numerous reviews of Wilkerson’s er, “thing,” I was aware of her.

The book GRA described is a work of fake scholarship, wherein the writer played “Can you top this?” in her lying. Thus, no assertion was too outrageous for the written page.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 1:09:00 P.M. EST

The reviewer turned out to be a black named Hope Wabuke—‘nuff said.

  N.S.: Hope Wabuke is a black supremacist “poet,” “writer,” and assistant professor of English at the University of Nebraska. She is also a cheerleader of other black supremacists. Thus, she is our superior.


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No matter what you give the colored and how much you give them it is never going to be enough. More and more constantly. Dey be O-pressed.