Monday, December 28, 2020

Houston: How Does a Majority-White City End Up with a black Mayor and Chief of Police?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, December 28, 2020 at 11:47:00 A.M. EST

[Re: “Houston on Verge of Seeing its 400th Murder of 2020.”]

Houston Demographics: 57% White, 22% black.

GRA: How does a negro like Sylvester (“Suffering Succotash”) Turner get voted in with numbers like that? It’s a disgrace that Whites don’t coalesce around a White candidate who will choose a White police chief—who will be tough on black and Mex crime—with the ultimate goal of forcing them to move elsewhere.

You don’t appease black demands—you double down on stop and frisk, pulling cars over with black drivers and searching for thugs who have felony warrants out.

Once you make it known to the minority criminals that your city will not be a playground of rape, murder, and drugs, they just might go elsewhere.




Anonymous said...

GRA:The Houston PC is Art Acevado,an immigrant from Cuba.Not much difference between a spicoli and a nig.

From a local news website:

"The Cuban-born Acevedo, who came to the U.S. with his family in 1968, has been on the job in the nation’s fourth-largest city for less than a year. He is the city’s first Hispanic police chief and regularly answers questions from reporters in Spanish."

GRA:Isn't THAT wonderful too?


Anonymous said...

Must have the black mayor and the black police chief. And if the police chief a black woman so much better.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Agreed as to white spinelessness. Tra la la. We're all one big happy family, etc.

Disagree as to policing of marginal constitutionality. The problem we saw this year is that police did not or could not target obvious criminality. How many rioters were where they were having been issued a parade permit? No permit? Law violation. Enacting anti-mask laws would instantly remove the one thing that allows AntiFa filth to operate with impunity, though even that isn't necessary if cops can and will go after the low-hanging fruit.

Not to mention rioters not having permits for arson and theft. So just garden-variety policing would have taken care of business, backed up by Guardsmen as needed. Miranda walked because of the rule announced by the Supremes but he was shortly back in custody for a new crime. "Stupid criminals" are a police bonanza and, as Rudy proved, just hammering morons for turnstile jumping, graffiti, and minor stuff was highly effective. No need for fusion centers and megadata.