Saturday, December 26, 2020

More Gaslighting from the Frauds at the Dallas Morning News, in Inventing "America’s Top Young Scientist"

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Dec 26, 2020 11:41 am She's America's top young scientist and she might have just discovered a cure for COVID-19

From The Dallas Morning News:
She's America's top young scientist and she might have just discovered a cure for COVID-19
ATR: More gaslighting from the frauds at the Democratic Marxist News.
Frisco, Texas is now a suburb of Mumbai.  The only thing missing there is "sacred" cows ambling around.
Betcha her mother is a doctor and her father is a senior engineer for a telecom firm in Plano.  Both her parents probably "assisted" with the science fair project.
She didn't "discover" anything.
I'd be more impressed if the discovery came from the white child of a tow truck driver who lives in a mobile home in east Texas.
This is yet another push to "celebrate diversity" and push for more Third World immigrants.
After all where we would be without the "genius" of Third World immigrants?


Anonymous said...

Future headlines:

black "Scientist" Lauded for Discovering Simple Ways to Kill Whites.
Newspapers and networks around the United States paid tribute to Jacquarious Jones,who claimed that Whites can be reduced down to a manageable population within 6 months.

"We GIVES them weed with the Covid virus mixed in,"said Jones,"FREE weed.If Whitey don't agree to our gift,we calls 'em racist and shoots the MFers--same result."

Joy Behar and Margaret Brennan gushed on their respective shows over the plan,which would create a huge disparity of White deaths.

"Good,"they both said,"White people must go,not enough Whites are dying of coronavirus."

Jones considers himself well educated,because,he says,he's been in school for over 20 years(6th grade,5 times and 7th grade,6 times etc.)and thought up the idea after he was fired from his Arby's job "by a White racist--just 'cause I told them,I only showed up for work,here in Miami Beach,when the temperature was under 20°.

"Firing me--that was bulls**t man.

"ALL the blacks I know got Covid--now we gonna sneeze in da weed and hand it out--I'm a genius--says so right here in YOUSA Today(USA Today)."

Jacquarious Jones--our black genius,scientist of the week.

Anonymous said...

As far as I understand there is no "cure" for a virus. Only a vaccine or you recover from the virus and develop immunity.