Thursday, December 24, 2020

Major Midwestern Newspaper Apologizes for Generations of Honest Coverage of black Crime, Vowing to Lie from Now on, and be Anti-White in Its Coverage and Hiring Practices

By Nicholas Stix

With any luck, it will go out of business, since it is completely reliant on White patronage.



David In TN said...

When will the Knoxville News Sentinel apologize for covering the Christian-Newsom torture-murders?

Anonymous said...

"A positive step by the @KCStar with more needed. Now I hope my friends in the local TV news business do the same.
--KC's black mayor,Quinton Lucas

How does a 54% White/28% black city vote a negro in?Or any city with majority White demographics? We talk about a "civil war",but until Whites begin voting out black politicians who are focused on censoring black crimes--as this mayor apparently wishes to do(which follows in the footsteps of Lesta Holt and 99.9999% non-coverage of black murders and almost daily coverage of White ones they can dig up)the country for Whites is lost.

White people,WHY would you vote a negro in to govern YOU?It would be akin to asking Xi from China or Putin to decide how your city or country should function.

This is what you will get,the elimination of reporting concerning black crime news,something I predicted would happen if Trump lost,but it's only the first salvo--many more to come.The KC Star is trying to get a jump on what Biden/Harris and their minions will push for.A great reset is coming,but it
won't be financially as much as it's going to be racially(and not in a beneficial way to Whites).

The push is on to overcompenate for past history that blacks and White liberals deem racist.This is how genocide begins--by elevating blacks to fictional,arbitrary and irrational levels of superiority over Whites,by the powers that be--demonizing Whites in the process and setting a mindset that Whites need to be punished for their "sins".

"Will we ever fight back?" is the only question left to answer.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Whites have been eliminated,replaced by constant reinforcement to blacks that they are the better people of the the races in the USA.


Anonymous said...


I hope that everyone who's reading this essay had a happy holiday--whichever one you decided to celebrate--and I have to mention, as a quick observation,don't you think there are just too many of them?(Think Kwanzaa).

Maybe next year,I'll try to write something about all the variations of Christmas--why we have so many--and which ones should go the way of the dodo bird(Think Kwanzaa).

That's for next year.

Anyways, it's a good segue into today's topic--New Year's resolutions.I don't like them--and I don't know why we make them.

You're familiar with the ones I'm referring to--losing a few pounds,quitting cigarettes,eating better,promising to exercise more,arguing less with your spouse--in otherwords,doing the impossible.

Yet we continue to insist on making these "snowball's chance in hell" type of promises at the end of each calendar year--did you ever wonder WHY we attempt this annual foolishness,the last week of December?

I can't answer that question,but I will humbly suggest,at the very least,we should endeavor to make New Year's resolutions that can actually be accomplished easily--things like reading NSU more and watching FOX less.Getting more sleep and listening to good music.I do all those things already,so a resolution to continue doing them in the future,is very attainable.

In contrast,from past experience,I already know that I would fail abysmally to keep any NEW,difficult resolutions in the coming year--so a while back,I stopped setting those kinds of goals--and a couple days ago,that small realization enabled me to think up a novel approach to the entire idea of New Year's resolutions:I would stop making them for myself--and start making them for OTHER people to follow.

So here they are--and I hope everyone I've listed,tries to adhere to these suggestions:

White women--stay away from black and Mexican men--they will ruin your lives,if not kill you.There is absolutely no upside in trying to have a "relationship" with a non-White.

Jerry PDX--try to move out of Portland.There is absolutely no upside ...well you know what I'm getting at.I've e-mailed GRA to get out of Grand Rapids too--and he says,"as soon as possible."

I say,the sooner the better.

Twitter and Facebook --act like you love America.Be objective and quit censoring everything from the right.

MSM--Get back to reporting news--all of it.Not just what you've decided fits your racist agenda.I can't remember the last time I saw "network news" report a minority crime.

Madison Avenue--hire some White people for your commercials.Whites are at least 65% of the population,but judging from your ads,you'd think WE were the 15% that blacks actually are.

Hollywood--STFU.That's the only area of society where I believe censorship SHOULD be enforced.I'm totally in favor of multi-millionaire actors and singers getting zapped with the mute button and permanently being silenced from offering their vile opinions.

Anonymous said...


But if I were going to come up with one resolution,that I thought was extremely important for all Americans to attempt for the New Year,it would have to be this one: not allowing the Democrats to ruin our country,and also,not allowing the Republicans to ruin our country either.They're both guilty--beyond a reasonable doubt-- of destroying what was once a wonderful place to live a happy,productive life--including raising a family--the United States of America.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy,but if we could get that particular resolution wrapped up,say in the next couple months,I might feel inspired enough to try to give up my #1 current vice--sneaking into the farmer's refrigerator after midnight and stealing a small piece of the delicious cheesecake that his wife whips together every Friday. I doubt if I could actually stop for long though. In my previous life as a writer/newsman,and now,a reincarnated chicken(since 2011),I've learned what my limitations are,when it comes to quitting something I don't really want to stop doing---and giving up cheesecake sits at the top of that particular list.

So until 2021,

Merry Christmas(or Hanukkah)and

Happy New Year.

From a farmhouse in Kansas,

I'm Andy Rooney(really)

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I've often thought of escaping Portland but where to go? The globalists won't stop until every corner of the country is permeating with Muslims, Africans, East Asian and Hispanics. Even if you find a place relatively free of them, it won't be for long, you'll get established then surprise surprise, you wake up to blasting mariachi music from new neighbors on the left and rap music from the new neighbors on the right. There is escaping to the country perhaps, an area with no neighbors but I am a city/town guy so that would be difficult. Of course, I could get filthy rich and enclose myself in a gated compound like the billionaires do in this country. Just have to figure out how to get rich.
For now I'll stay in Portland, it does have the one saving grace of a "relatively" low negro population, though the corresponding high number of white leftoid sock puppets and the high rate of racist violence from the negro's we do have can be maddening.

Anonymous said...

Telling the truth is forbidden now. A mane did the crime. A mane. No racial identification and they are telling us what race the perpetrator is.