Thursday, December 24, 2020

black Woman’s Race Hoax Victimizing White Woman Fails, but Daily News Fake Reporters Try to Revive It, Even the Once Legendary Rocco Parascandola

By "W"

NYC: White Female Cleared of Harassing a Congoid Female

“W”: The Daily News doesn’t reveal why she was exonerated. There must be more to the story. Otherwise, why is this considered newsworthy?

N.S.: It’s one of those “Karen” hoaxes, where a black supremacist tries to destroy the life of a White woman, with the aid of the Lügenpresse. In every such incident I've studied, the black was guilty of breaking a law, ordinance, or contractual obligation.

The White woman was never charged with any crime. The City Human Rights Commission is an agency of institutionalized, systemic racism, which supports non-Whites who harm whites. (I’ve had multiple experiences with HRC.)

The Daily News “thing” is written in completely twisted English, in order to reverse the roles, and is so one-sided and racist that it could have been written by the black woman. Note that the "thing" never says whether the black woman was smoking pot, which suggests to me that she was, and the Daily News is covering and deflecting for her.

The shocking thing about this is that Rocco Parascandola is the Daily News’ chief crime reporter.

“A white woman caught on video accosting a Black healthcare worker in a Manhattan park has been cleared of wrongdoing, court documents shared with the Daily News Wednesday show.

[There is no crime of “accosting.”]

“Svitlana Flom, 34, a style blogger and Hamptons restaurant owner, was seen threatening Jana’e Brown in Waterline Square on W. 59th St. in a viral video posted to the frontline worker’s Instagram in June, which has since been taken down.

[Why the passive voice? In order to misrepresent the incident. English translation follows.]

A black health care worker’s attempt to ruin the life of a White style blogger and Hamptons restaurant owner failed, according to court documents shared with the Daily News Wednesday.

Jana’e Brown started videotaping Svitlana Flom, 34, after Flom charged Brown with smoking marijuana in public at Waterline Square on W. 59th St. Brown posted the video to Instagram in June, from where with media help it went viral. Brown has since taken down the video.

It is the policy of the Daily News not to research or report on crimes committed by blacks, where doing so might cast a White accuser or victim in a positive light.


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To me smoking a cig in public should get you an admonishment.