Monday, December 28, 2020

Lying, Cowardly Cops, Media, Use Wuhan China Virus as Cover Story for Cops' Refusal to do Their Job

By "W"
Mon, Dec 28, 2020 1:50 p.m.

More Murders Go Unsolved

N.S.: I am so sick of lying, cowardly cops hiding behind the China Virus. I am all for defunding the police, under the condition that the money goes back to White taxpayers.



Anonymous said...

Jennifer Rubin writes:

Many of us in the Never Trumper camp have argued that the Republican Party is not worth preserving after years of its leaders’ moral abdication, refusal to uphold their oaths and toleration of racism. What we did not bank on was that after corrupting the party, Trump would be the perfect means of destroying the GOP. In doing so, he might finally make a contribution to U.S. democracy.

Anonymous said...

Your racism is against Whites,so your "holier than thou" attitude is vapid.

Personally, I'm in the "Never Jennifer" camp--seems to be the right group to be in.

Anonymous said...

(GRA:As only AP can write such b.s.)

In Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and even smaller Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Milwaukee, 2020 has been deadly not only because of the pandemic, but because gun violence is spiking.

Authorities and some experts say there is no one clear-cut reason for the spike. They instead point to social and economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 virus, public sentiment toward police following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody and a historic shortage of jobs and resources in poorer communities as contributing factors. It’s happening in cities large and small, Democrat and Republican-led.

Two years ago, Detroit had 261 homicides.

But with only a few days left in 2020, homicides already have topped 300, while non-fatal shootings are up more than 50% at more than 1,124 through the middle of December.

Washington, D.C., a city of about 700,000, has seen more than 187 homicides this year, eclipsing last year’s total by more than 20. Among the most horrible: A 15-month-old baby boy was shot to death during a drive-by shooting.

“We’re all sick of the heinous crimes in our city,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Crime in parts of the U.S. dropped during the early weeks of the pandemic when stay-at-home orders closed businesses and forced many people to remain indoors.

University of Pennsylvania economics professor David Abrams said crime began to spike in May and June when initial orders in some states were lifted.

Some people “may have been a little stir crazy,” Abrams said. “At the end of May, George Floyd’s killing led to protests and looting. That led to police reform movements. Any of that could have potentially affected individual behavior and also the police response to that.”

Calls for some cities to reduce funding for police departments may have led some officers to take a less aggressive approach to policing, he added.

What the COVID-19 virus did was exacerbate all of the frustration and anger that some in Black and brown communities already were dealing with, according to retired Michigan State University sociology professor Carl Taylor. The virus has killed more than 300,000 people across the country, with minority communities hardest hit.
(GRA:Because they're stupid.)

“The COVID has been absolutely the trigger of an everlasting bomb that’s exploding in many parts of our community,” he added.

By early October, more homicides — 363 — were recorded in Philadelphia than the 356 committed in 2019. There were 354 killings in New York through Oct. 11 — 90 more than at the same time last year.

Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 5, 165 homicides were recorded in Milwaukee, the most since 1991. And in Chicago, after three years of falling homicide numbers, the totals skyrocketed to 739 in mid-December compared with 475 at the same point last year.

Even smaller cities like Grand Rapids are suffering. By mid-December there were 35 homicides compared with 16 through all of 2019 and nine the year before. From this January to October, non-fatal shootings topped 200 in the city, which is home to about 200,000 people. Over the same period last year there were 131 non-fatal shootings.

“This year, is it because of COVID? The political polarization we have seen?” asked Sgt. Dan Adams, spokesman for the Grand Rapids Police Department. “This year has been a year like no other. I don’t think you can point to any one ‘why.’”

It is the same for other mid-sized cities. Last year, there were 18 homicides in Rockford, a city of about 170,000 people in northern Illinois. More than 30 have been killed so far this year, including three Saturday at a bowling alley.

GRA:Rockford is 52% White,27% black--Grand Rapids,similar.All these cities are seeing steady increases in black population.It's a negronavirus problem--not coronavirus--end of story.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is called the Republican Party or the America First Party, there is no doubt that the next challenger to the Democrat Socialist Party will be a Trump person who will represent the ordinary American against the corrupt, greedy elites and the bloodsucking minorities. There are good blacks and Hispanics and they showed themselves by voting for Trump. On the other hand, the centers of corruption that stole this election from the American people are all black, crooked Democrat cities.

Anonymous said...

A small percentage of murders are only solved anyhow. That is standard in big city locales.