Sunday, December 27, 2020

Books Today: Learn about How American Whites are Just Like the Nazis of Old, Thanks to Margaret Brennan

Margaret Brennan, another White media Aunt Jemima, in her younger days


By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 11:46:00 A.M. EST

GRA: The “Commie Nation” also highlighted books of the year—three of the four, obviously liberal tomes.

Brennan slobbered over a black new york times operative named Isabel Wilkerson, who compared today’s Whites to Nazis, and repeated the lies about George Floyd’s unintentional drug suicide being murder, while White author, Jon Meacham, promoted his John Lewis tribute ad nauseum.

black supremacist John Lewis decked out in genocidal, Garveyite accessories, 2007. Lewis was such an in-your-face racist that AG Bobby Kennedy had to threaten to pull the plug on the loudspeakers, and stationed a federal lawman by them, on August 28, 1963, in order to make Lewis back down from delivering the speech he'd planned to give at the Lincoln Memorial.


Watching this, and you wonder why only ONE White guy in Nashville (and not millions everywhere) decided to lash out at the direction our country is headed.

If it turns out Anthony Quinn Warner just didn’t like the amount of his phone bill, I’ll stand corrected of my assumption that this was a far bigger statement of protest—and a feeling of having your back to the wall, if you’re White—in a White-founded country.

Four years, 24 days to go before a MAGA party candidate retakes the White House (probably not Trump, though).

I’m trying to be somewhat optimistic.


N.S.: Oh, no! Please don’t talk like that, GRA! When the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” was inaugurated, his opponents started a countdown on how many days he had left in office, whereby they assumed he’d be a one-termer. Don’t assume that of Biden-Harris-Whatever.



David In TN said...

It's become an anti-white psychosis on the part of media types.

Anonymous said...

If they get away with stealing this election, what makes anyone think they won't keep doing it, only better? This may be the last election where anyone but a commie had a chance. Get ready for globalist, socialist, one-party rule from now on. Of course things could get South American--with roaming death squads taking out prominent leftists like Tech Tyrants, Traitors in Black Robes, and Democrats. In an impoverished, disease-ridden, totalitarian future, participation in a death squad could be the only fun and satisfaction left to a frustrated public.

Anonymous said...

"Anthony Quinn Warner just didn’t like the amount of his phone bill,"

Maybe it was the Filipino [or maybe India] customer service hotline with an operator at the other end who can barely speak English.