Thursday, December 31, 2020

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me a Face-Diaper: Cognitive Dissonance at Valley Forge National Park

By An Old Friend
Thu, Dec 31, 2020 4:33 p.m.

Cognitive Dissonance at Valley Forge National Park


Anonymous said...

SJWs and media have been telling everyone what to think for years,since Trump's first day in office.

If you've been brought up on that type of influence/harassment(especially if White),you follow.

You hope that the pendulum swings too far and the rubber band effect snaps back--right on these scumbuckets.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Could be worse--Chinese flight stewardesses told to wear REAL diapers to avoid catching Wuhan Virus in the airplane restrooms. When you flush in an airplane, the high pressure ejects aerosols of the toilet contents which settle all over the restroom. Covid germs in feces are thus spread for others to breathe in or touch. By using diapers, the stewardesses can "go" on the go and never enter a contaminated restroom. Flying anyone?

jeigheff said...

I'm currently reading an old beat-up copy of "The Delaware Continentals 1776-1783" by Christopher Ward. The author does a good job of describing what our forefathers experienced throughout the American Revolution.

It is hard to imagine enduring the same things that those old American soldiers suffered, like living, marching and sometimes fighting (Trenton and Princeton) in severe cold weather while inadequately clothed and fed.

I'm not sure what those soldiers would think of today's mask-wearers.

Anonymous said...

Young people if they get the virus almost none are going to die.