Sunday, May 26, 2019

What’s in a Phrase? “Social Justice Warrior”

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From The Harvard Crimson

Ashley Hughes to Hieronymus Machine • 3 months ago

Social justice warrior: It's a tired phrase, and how is it a bad thing?

N.S.: "SJW" is a euphemism for communist. The communists have so far slaughtered over 100 million civilians, while eliminating civil liberties and stealing all private property in much of the world.

Your question translates as, How is it a bad thing to eliminate civil liberties and steal all private property in much of the world, and slaughter over 100 million civilians?

Jack Sharpe to Ashley Hughes • 3 months ago

SJW is not per se, a bad think. After all, if you don’t favor ‘Social Justice’ what do you favor, ‘Social Injustice’?. However, In the USA (and the West in general). SJW has an entirely different meaning. SJW means membership in a cult that rejects reason, logic, science, and even basic decency in favor of hate, bigotry, and racism. PC hate, bigotry, and racism to be sure. Like, it or not, SJW is the Lysenkoism of our time. The original Lysenkoism was avowedly Marxist (although some Marxist biologists rejected it). SJW ideology is based on Cultural Marxism. Times change, the war on reason doesn’t.

SJW ideology rants and raves about the “College Rape Epidemic” that actual statistics disprove. Do the facts matter? Of course, not. SJW ideology rants and raves about “systematic white racism and supremacy”. That fact that the richest groups in America are non-white doesn’t undermine this element of faith in the slightest. SJW ideology rants and raves about “right wing cuts in social spending”. That fact that social spending has soared (by all measures) doesn’t matter in the slightest. SJW ideology caterwauls about “underfunded public schools”. That fact that public school spending (by all measure) has soared over the last few decades is ignored.
I could expand this forever. For example, SJWs are notoriously hostile to biology. Quote from Razib Kahn

"To give a concrete example of how far this goes, there are many liberal Left people who won’t even accede to the proposition that men are, on average, stronger in terms of upper body strength than women. A few years ago this came up on social media, where a friend who has a biology background from an elite university, even expressed skepticism at this, when I was trying to get her to be open to behavioral differences between the sexes by starting with something I thought she would at least agree with as reasonable. When I saw the lack of unequivocal acceptance of this point I decided to opt out of the conversation. This was basically face to face with Left Creationism."

The bottom line is that SJW thinking is ideological cult based on faith (along with healthy doses of hate and bigotry). SJW is a synonym for evil.


Anonymous said...

Two comments:
1)I've read that abbreviation--SJW-for a long time,and never knew what it meant.On Zerohedge,it always comes up--along with Jew stuff--so obviously,I thought it was,"Single Jew Woman"--which made no sense,or "Satanic Jewish Whitey" would have come up with the actual answer.Thanks for clearing it up.No biggie really.
2.)Whites aren't the richest group?Who is,black drug dealers?
--GR Anonymous

Robb said...

Great answer by Jack Sharpe, or that another nom de plume for you Nick?

Robb said...

@GRA I'd assume Asians. I think it's a per-capita based thing.