Friday, May 24, 2019

Was the O.J. Jury Reassembled for this One? Another Low Point in Chicago “Justice”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, May 24, 2019 at 11:07:00 A.M. EDT

(FOXNEWS) A Cook County jury acquitted an Illinois man [black] accused of killing a 2-year-old boy, dismembering his body and dumping his remains in Chicago's Garfield Park Lagoon.

Kamel Harris, 44, was found not guilty on Thursday in the gruesome 2015 death of 2-year-old Kyrian Knox.

In August of 2015, Kyrian’s mother had given the boy to Harris, the father of a friend, for a couple of weeks while she and a friend tried to find jobs in Iowa in hopes of moving there, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Harris took the stand in his own defense Wednesday and said he gave Kyrian to three people after speaking by phone to a woman he believed to be the boy’s mother.

The toddler’s body was found weeks later in the lagoon after someone saw a foot floating in the water.

Harris’ attorney repeatedly said that there was no forensic evidence tying his client to the crime.

The boy’s mother, Lanisha Knox, wailed in the courtroom after hearing the jury’s verdict, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. After leaving the building, Knox reportedly said, “That was some bulls***. I can’t believe this.”

“‘This is an innocent man,’ Assistant Public Defender Kulmeet Galhotra told the paper. ‘The guy who did this is still out there.’”

GRA: When you have multiple blacks telling lies in court, and one of them is a killer, letting this one go is insane. He COULD BE the actual killer—he was part of the process that led to the child's death. He was the person responsible for the child’s safety.

“I gave him to other people,” doesn’t exonerate him.

Unknown whether there were liberal whites mixed in with racist blacks--that allowed Harris to walk. Another low point in Chicago “justice.”

N.S.: He’s the killer.

Guilty-as-hell black felons make up—or their attorneys do—the most ridiculously unbelievable stories.

O.J. Simpson: Drug dealer associates of Faye Resnick murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Black kidnapper-rapist Dedrick Griham and his defense lawyer Emory Anthony, Jr.: The white vic planned and staged her own kidnapping and repeated rape, with a (non-existent) black prostitute acting as go-between.

Lemaricus Davidson: Carjacking-kidnapping-gang-rape-torture-murder victim Channon Christian came to his house to buy drugs, and had consensual sex with him.

My hunch is that Kamel Harris or his lawyer came up with this fairy tale long after he was indicted for murdering the child, as their trial strategy. If he’d told it to the cops during the initial investigation, they’d have investigated and disproven it at the time.

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