Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Sources of Galloping Anti-Semitism in America

By Nicholas Stix

Like you, I am concerned by the explosion of anti-Semitism in America. Let us consider its sources:

App. 10,000 white nationalists (“Name the Jew”);
App. 10,000 genocidal, Jewish anti-Semites (BDS, Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now, etc.);
App. 6,000,000 genocidal, Moslem anti-Semites;
App. 10 million black immigrants and their American-born children from the West Indies, Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa;
App. 30 million American blacks here for generations; and
Over 50 million Hispanics, including families here for generations, legal and illegal aliens, and their American-born anchors.

Blaming powerless white nationalists for the rise in anti-Semitism in America is a bald-faced lie and a diversion tactic.


Anonymous said...

Whites need to tip the balance of those numbers in our favor--and organize!!!A change of mindset is required--a recognition of what globalists are attempting to do to whites.For that to occur,a national leader (Trump?Pence?)has to lay the hard facts out for whites.
After that,we need to protest at media outlets,political events,other minority celebrations,where foreign flags are hoisted and equally as much,court cases where minorities have slaughtered whites.
It must be a movement,twice as explosive as Trumps was in 2016,to overcome the advantage the other side has gained.
Whites who care about their futures,must make themselves be heard.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

For those various minority groups 1. Hate whitey as a collective. 2. Hates Jews even more so. Especially blacks who see the Jew as the economic exploiter and the Muslim who hates the Jew for giving support to Israel.